How To Clean African American Skin

Black is beautiful, as the Bible says. The exotic mocha to ebony shades of African-American skin look their best when kept supple and radiant. Your skin is different from Caucasians and Asians because of the differences in melanin pigmentation. Despite phenotypic differences, you should not be too concerned about getting a skin care regimen that is specifically tailored to African-American skin: your skin requires the same skin care that everyone else does. Here is the simple and basic skin-care regimen that works not just on African-American skin, but also for all skin types.

  1. Determine what your skin type is and buy the appropriate cleansers. Your skin type is more important than your skin color. You should first determine what blemishes you want to correct for your skin. Look in a mirror and carefully examine yourself. Is your skin oily, dry or just right? Do you have uneven skin tone or blemishes? Are you bothered by freckles and acne? Depending on the answers to these questions, choose the skin cleanser that is most appropriate for you. These skin cleansers should address the specific problems of your skin, and not just be ostensibly designed for a particular skin color. It is up to you to determine which brand or type of cleanser you are most comfortable with.
  2. Start with washing your face with the skin cleanser. This is best done after your daily bath, or before you go to sleep. After lightly wetting your face with lukewarm water, gently rub your skin cleanser on your face in small, circular motions. Make sure to be thorough and cover all areas of your face and neck, especially the acne-prone T-Zone. After rubbing the cleaner, rinse it off with water. When drying yourself, it is best to just pat yourself dry of allow the water to evaporate by itself. Avoid rubbing, because that will only damage your skin by irritating it.
  3. Use toner regularly. You should also use toner to maintain a great skin tone: this will make your skin look younger and more radiant. It is best to do this at least once a week, or once every two weeks. Do this after your regular cleansing ritual to make sure of maximum effect of the toner.
  4. Moisturize as much as possible. This is a simple step that is often neglected by most people. Moisturizing does not have to start with the use of facial products: it begins with simple hydration. Make sure you get enough water every day to avoid your skin from looking sunken and dehydrated. You may easily get rid of dry and flaky skin by increasing your daily water intake. Supple skin can also be achieved with regular use of moisturizer. Adding this to your daily cleansing ritual can have marked effects that can be seen within a week or two.
  5. Set aside time for regular exfoliation. Dead skin tends to build up on your face, stopping you from emitting that radiant glow of youth. A simple exfoliating treatment can be achieved by using a facemask or even exfoliating facial rubs at least once every two weeks. It is best to do this after your bath, but right before your normal cleansing ritual. By sloughing off the dead skin with your facial scrub, you ensure maximum absorption of the moisturizer and toner you apply afterwards.

The key to these beauty tips, like everything else, is always discipline. Make sure you commit to this regimen. It may seem difficult at first, but after some time, it will become a regular habit you don’t even have to think about. Make sure you have the patience and effort to keep going at it until you see results.


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