How To Clean Electric Razors

Hair often gets stuck in an electric razor, causing inefficient razor performance. Grubby razor takes longer time to shave and might also nick your skin. Cleaning an electric razor, therefore, is essential. Not only does it power up performance, it also saves you money from buying replacements too often. An electric razor should be cleaned at least thrice a week. It doesn’t take much of your time, so cleaning should not be a problem at all. Here’s a guide you can follow.

  • Unplug the electric razor. Whenever you decide to clean your razor, remember to always turn it off and unplug it. You will be working on blades, and if you accidentally turn on a plugged electric razor, you might have injuries you have never imagined having. This also protects you from electric short circuits that may happen when electricity and water collide.
  • Disassemble the razor head. The razor head is the screen-like part. Gently disassemble it from the razor body, and with a soft-bristled brush, get rid of the dirt and dust that may have accumulated. Then, pour a good amount of electronic razor cleaner in a small container. If you don’t have one, soapy water will do. Soak the razor head in the solution for a few minutes. Brush the razor head once more to remove any remaining dirt. Thoroughly rinse it afterward. Finally, dry it with a clean cloth.
  • Clean the cutters. If your unit allows you to disassemble the cutters, gently remove them and soak in electric razor cleaner or soapy water. If that is not possible, simply remove debris and dirt from the cutters with a soft-bristled brush. Take a closer look at the cutters as well. See if there is any corrosion, damage, crack, or rusting, which might indicate the need to replace your cutters.
  • Wipe the other parts of the electric razor. Run a slightly damp, soft cloth over the handles, body, and other parts of the razor to remove the stains and dirt particles that have accumulated over time. Wipe the entire razor, making sure the dents and corners are also being cleaned. After this, use a dry, clean cloth to dry the electric razor parts.
  • Reassemble the electric razor. When already clean and dry, put the razor and cutters back in their place. Then, lubricate the blades and metal parts with electric razor lubricant or baby oil. Test the unit. The electric razor should be sharp and should cut hair very well.

Avoid knocking your electric razor against a hard surface to remove whiskers. This will compromise the mechanical makeup of your unit and might even create dents and scratches. Do not use any pointed tools as well. Or even your nails or fingertips. Every time you intend to remove whiskers, use only a brush. For your safety, check your user manual before cleaning your electric razor. The manufacturer might have cleaning instructions not covered in this article. If you fail to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, the warranty might be declared null.


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