How To Clean Your Environment When You Have Head Lice

Having head lice can be a problem, as they can spread to different environments. The best solution to this is to use head lice shampoo for the hair. After getting rid of head lice, you have to take care of your environment next, as the lice may have transferred to the bed sheets, towels, carpets, etc. You will not be able to remove head lice from these objects easily. You have to do a general cleaning of the area to ensure that the environment is safe and lice-free.

Here are the steps on how you can get rid of head lice in your environment:

  1. Materials that you will need. The materials that you will need for cleaning head lice are garbage bags, some clean rags, soap and hot water, a bucket and a vacuum cleaner. Be careful in handling the hot water as you can burn yourself.
  2. Clean the bed. The first thing that you have to clean is the bed. Remove the bed sheets, pillow cases and blankets. When washing them, you have to use very hot water and soap. After washing, dry them in the highest setting. For the pillows and the mattress that you cannot wash, put garbage bags over them and seal them tightly. Leave it like that for about a week or two. This will let the eggs of the lice hatch if there are any and the lice will die when they starve.
  3. Wipe surfaces. Get your cloth and wipe all the surfaces in the area. Get your bucket and fill it with hot soapy water. This includes tables, side tables, seats of chairs and any other furniture that you have in the room.
  4. Vacuum furniture. After wiping the surfaces, use the vacuum cleaner to clean the furniture. Vacuum your carpets, pillows, mattresses, sofas, chairs, and other items in your house that has upholstery that you cannot remove from the furniture. After using the vacuum, remove the vacuum bag from the cleaner and seal it tightly before getting rid of it. Throw it directly to the garbage can outside your house.
  5. Wash towels and clothes. Wash the towels and clothes worn with hot water and soap. You can also wash hats, scarves, gloves and other soft items. Dry it in the high setting in your dryer.
  6. Wash hair accessories. Gather all the brushes and combs in your house. Submerge them in hot soapy water and scrub them clean. You can also wash clips and other hair accessories. If they are not washable, you can seal them in a garbage bag for one to two weeks.

These are the steps on how you can clean your environment and get rid of head lice. It is important to clean everything in the vicinity to avoid having another case of head lice. After cleaning the surroundings, you can spray some essential oils on your linen and bed sheets and blankets. This will put a stop to the lice to handle to the fabrics.


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