How To Clear Up Blemishes on African American Skin Naturally

African American skin requires extra care, because this type of skin tends to darken easily when irritated. Thus, the harsh chemicals in skin products may worsen blemishes instead of remove them. Don’t become dependent on commercially-made skin products which are harmful to your skin. There are natural methods to clear up blemishes safely and effectively.

  • Eat citrus fruits or apply them directly to your skin. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C, which gives plenty of benefits to skin such as repairing, exfoliating and moisturizing it. Lemons, oranges and grapefruits are examples of citrus fruits. Eat these fruits, or apply them directly to the blemishes. Peel the fruits’ skins and pat them gently to the blemishes, or apply citrus juice to your skin.
  • Drink green tea, or apply tea tree oil to your skin. Green tree protects African American skin from the harsh rays of the sun. It restores the health of dying skin cells, and is rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin. Tea tree oil absorbs excess oil from your skin and prevents acne formation.
  • Treat blemishes with potatoes. When blemishes are caused by skin irritations, use potatoes to cure them. Peel potatoes and place it over the blemishes, or boil potatoes, mash them, let them cool and then use them as a facial mask. Let the potatoes remain on your skin for about 30 minutes until the nutrients are absorbed by the skin.
  • Use neem leaves. Neem leaves do wonders to African American skin. They lighten dark spots, hydrate dry and rough skin and treat skin irritations and infections. Use soaps and facial washes made from neem leaves, or strain the neem leaves yourself. Splash the extract to your skin or mix it with sandalwood powder until you create a mask. Don’t rub the mixture into your skin to avoid aggravating the blemishes.
  • Honey is good for your skin. Honey cleanses and repairs blemished skin. Make a mask out of honey and another substance such as lemon juice. Coat your skin with it regularly until the blemishes heals.
  • Eat food that’s good for your skin. There are plenty of foods that contain nutrients which helps your skin become healthier. Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, omega-3 fatty acids and zinc are some of these. Citrus fruits and onions are rich in vitamin C. Carrots, tuna and orange or yellow fruits are rich in vitamin A. Whole grains and nuts are rich in vitamin E. Flaxseed oil and salmon fish oil are rich in omega-3. Oysters and wheat germ are rich in zinc. Know the vitamins and minerals that are in different foods, and consume more of the foods that are skin-friendly. Avoid greasy and non-healthy foods which worsen blemishes.
  • Drink water. Water smoothes skin, helps speed up skin healing, and removes infections and irritants from your skin and body. Drink at least eight glasses a day and more if you have dry skin. Avoid drinking a lot of alcoholic beverages which dries up your skin.
  • Avoid being stressed out. Stress produces a lot of health problems, including skin blemishes. Notice when the blemishes appeared; was it during a time when you’re stressed out?  If yes, take a break and take care of your skin.

In clearing up blemishes, natural remedies are usually safer than chemical treatments. When using a skin product, check whether it’s made from natural ingredients. Observe how your skin reacts to the remedies that you use.


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