How To Clip Thick Toenails

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It is easy to cut a regular toenail. Simply use a toenail clipper to cut each nail across. That’s it. But if you’re going to clip thick toenails, then that is a different story.

Thick toenails are a bit trickier to clip. A wrong process might produce uneven nail cut or worse, a scar or infection. Having thick toenails is already an indication of a skin condition, injury, or fungal infection. Do not make anything worse and instead, follow the steps below when clipping thick toenails:

  • Soak them. Prepare your toenails for easier clipping by soaking them for at least 10 minutes in warm water. Adding essential oil to the water is not recommended. Just use plain water or if you are suffering from a scar, add a pinch of lemon juice to the warm water. This should help disinfect your feet without adding more harm to the nails.
  • Completely dry the toenails using a clean and absorbent towel. The nails are softened when damped so thinning and trimming should be easier.
  • Thin their surface. A nail file or emery board can thin the toenails’ surface. Do this while the nails are still soft and a bit damp.
  • Remove dirt. Use a nail pusher to remove dirt behind each toenail. The dirt is usually the reason for the tingling and painful sensation. If you want, apply some drops of cuticle remover to your nails and start removing more nail surface to make them thinner. The cuticle remover also helps for easier removal of dirt behind the nails.
  • Trim them. Use a toenail clipper to trim thick nails. The usual nail cutter will not do the trick. Either the podiatry-grade cutter or the barrel spring will work great.

The podiatry-grade is better than the latter because it is made of stainless steel and cut even the thickest of all thick toenails. This is longer also and the blade is perpendicular. Meanwhile, the barrel spring has a long body, sharp blades, and with a steel construction. This is cheaper but can already cut your thick toenails without too much effort.

Using your preferred type of toenail cutter, start trimming your thick toenail from the corner. Continue trimming across the toenail. Smaller cuts are better because they will prevent nail chipping. Do not round out the nail corners, too. Cutting the nails across will prevent dirt and bacteria from causing fungi infection and other toenail-related diseases.

Women can hide the ugly thickness of their toenails by applying a colored nail polish. Men can go with the transparent nail polish.

Continue clipping your thick toenails when you notice them getting longer again. Thin the nails also using a nail pusher at least twice a week. This will deliberately get rid of the thickness.

Prevent these thick toenails from happening again by determining their root cause. Maybe you are wearing poorly fitted shoes or suffering from a disease. Targeting the real cause is the single most effective way to get rid of the ugly nail thickness. Clipping the thick toenails is only a temporary remedy.


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