How To Color Eyebrows

Eyebrows can be a distinguishing factor in one's face. You can express many emotions through your eyebrows. A raised eyebrow might signify scepticism. Two raised eyebrows will signify surprise. Eyebrows scrunched together will signify anger. Eyebrows are visible, and so you want them to look good. One way of making sure your eyebrows look great is by coloring them.

Coloring eyebrows will involve different means and methodologies. These can be as simple as applying makeup, but you can also go for more expensive professional help. Some people color their eyebrows to match their hair. Some would color their eyebrows for emphasis. Whatever your reason, here are a few tips on how to go about with this.

Use eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is best used when you want to define your eyebrows. This is also best when you want to darken the color of your eyebrows. For instance, if your natural hair color is light, but you've just dyed your hair a darker shade (or even black), you will need to darken your eyebrows, too.

Use an eyebrow pencil color that's similar to your hair color. Draw a line from the middle of your brow (near the nose) outward. Repeat this on the other side.

Use eye shadow

Eye shadow colors your top eyelid, but can also be used to shade your eyebrows. It will be easy to match the shade or color of your hair if it's darker than your eyebrows. Using eye shadow in powder form, apply the makeup in an upward slant, so that your eyebrows are also covered. You can set this with a clear brow gel.

Use brow gel

Brow gel is used to help shape and tame eyebrows. If you are having difficulties shaping or combing your eyebrows toward one direction, then this will be a useful product. Most manufacturers have colored brow gels, which you can use to match your brow color with your hair color. This can be appropriate if your hair color is lighter than your brow color.

Use dye

Most professionals would recommend against do-it-yourself dyeing of eyebrows. Oftentimes, you cannot use regular hair dye, because of possible eye irritation.

If you want to dye your own eyebrows, be sure to get a lash and brow tint and dye kit. A dye will darken the color of your brows, while a tint will lighten it. Apply this product with a Q-tip. Wash it after about three to five minutes. Take care not to let any dye drip into your eyes. You can also use a facial bleaching cream. Apply this with a Q-tip, but don't let it stay on your eyebrows for more than a minute.

Get professional help

You can visit your favorite salon for help in coloring your eyebrows. They have dyes specifically made for eyebrows, and are quite adept at coloring eyebrows without the risk of eye trouble.

Take good care of your eyebrows. They can convey many emotions, and they can highlight your face. Be sure to use products specifically made for eyebrows, to avoid irritation or even potential blindness.


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