How To Compare Natural Advantage to Other Skin Care Products

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As the demand for surgery-free anti-aging solutions increases, more and more products are finding their way to the market. Is it possible to decide which of these products will be best for you, your health, and your skin? Ultimately, you are the only judge; however, it may help to have a general understanding of the Natural Advantage skin care line before buying it for yourself.

The main active ingredient in Natural Advantage's is retinol; this is a fat-soluble form of vitamin A, which is an antioxidant. Antioxidants have been proven to improve the integrity and look of skin, and consumption of the vitamin is encouraged by scientists. Scientists claim that retinol rejuvenates skin, and Natural Advantage marketing claims that their product will work with your body's aging process to effectively make your skin appear younger. Natural Advantage, however, is not the only skin care product which uses retinol; most anti-aging creams and products are composed of this primary ingredient. While it is generally good for you, overuse can lead to dry skin; a warning which should be heeded while using any product on the market.

Natural Advantage follows a traditional three-step program: cleanser, moisturizing agent, and night cream. The three components collaborate to provide an extensive anti-aging collection. The system boosts original 'MicroSponge' technology, however the company does not clearly explain this process; it is claimed to deliver a high dosage of retinol to the skin.

Consumers can order a starter kit which comes with all three components. Natural Advantage recommends that their products should be used exclusively with one another, unless otherwise recommended by a doctor. Through use of the three products, it is claimed that the effects will be more apparent and efficient. Use of a three-part system is not exclusive to Natural Advantage, however; many companies claim that using a multiple-step system is the easiest and most efficient manner of achieving results. Products which are designed for use together will typically perform better, as there is little to no chance that ingredients accidentally counter-balance one another.

The Natural Advantage website boasts that 95% of their customers achieve 'significant results in just a few weeks', and the company hosts before and after pictures, as well as testimonials attesting to the patented product's success. Jane Seymour promotes the company which she co-founded, and is the primary icon associated with the product. Jane claims that her own wrinkle-free skin is the result of using the Natural Advantage skin care line.

Natural Advantage provides the consumer with a risk-free, 60-day trail, in which time if the consumer is not satisfied with the product they may return it for a full refund - minus shipping and handling. If one does not cancel her membership, however, the company will automatically send her a 90-day supply every three months.


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