How To Conceal Melasma

Dark brown patches are spreading across your face and you feel embarrassed. What is this? Called melasma or chloasma, these tan or brown patches often pop up during pregnancy. In fact, they are sometimes called the "mask of pregnancy." But these brown or tan patches of skin, especially on the face, can show up in other circumstances, last longer, be more troublesome, and occur even in men. Can the patches and splotches of melasma be concealed? To be sure, techniques for concealing melasma can be found, if you follow three simple steps.

Step One: Men and women: STAY OUT OF THE SUN as much as possible. Sunlight worsens the appearance of the patches. They will often fade without exposure to sunlight, but as soon as you sunbathe, watch out! Wear hats, sunscreen with a high degree of protection, and, if you want an old-fashioned remedy, use a parasol (men, you can call it an umbrella). That's right; it's quaint but incredibly effective. It is especially helpful if your parasol, umbrella or tent awning is made of one of the new, treated sun-blocking fabrics.

Step Two: Check out cosmetic cover-ups, which are available for both men and women. Foundation, powders, mineral make-up, and specialty cover creams can be a real boon.  Investigate alternative therapies and other possibilities such as hydroquinone.

Step Three: More dramatic treatments may suit you. You can conceal or get rid of melasma for a period of time by bleaching your skin. You can consult an experienced and reliable dermatologist and ask about laser surgery as a possibility. The procedure may succeed in removing or concealing patches. Chemical peels are another alternative, so long as you have the time and patience. None of these methods of concealing or eliminating melasma should be used without medical advice. Maintain a positive opinion about yourself and so will others.

Step Four: Don't freak out about it. Conceal your melasma with topical remedies as best you can. Do not succumb to concern or embarrassment. Nothing matters more than who you are; you can always feel pride in yourself, not matter how you think you look. No one else can control your own opinion!


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