How To Contour a Wide Nose

One of the most notable features of a person’s face is the nose. Since the perfect nose is a critical aspect in looking fabulous, people with wide noses will need to do some magic to contour it to perfection. This can be achieved in two ways. The first option would be to use make up to create a slimming effect. This is painless and is pretty easy to do. The second option will involve money, time, and some pain. For more desperate and long term measures, people will choose to customize the size of their nose through cosmetic surgery. Either way, these options can decrease the image of your nose that can greatly enhance your overall facial look.

  1. Prepare your makeup. Unless your nose is the size of Alaska, applying the right amount of makeup should be enough to create the slimming effect your nose needs. For this task, you will need to get two shades of foundation. One shade should have a lighter tone than your skin. The other foundation should be darker than your skin tone. Along with this, you will need an angled makeup brush and a powder brush.
  2. Prepare your face. Clean your face by washing it with a mild facial soap. Scrub the areas of your nose with the soap to remove excess oils and dirt. Rinse off your face and wipe it dry with a towel. Make sure that your nose is clean and clear. Any dirt or excess oils can ruin any makeup that you place on your face.
  3. Apply the dark foundation. Use a makeup brush and apply the dark foundation along both sides of your nose. This should start from the bridge down to the sides of your nostril. Do not apply too much. Just a fine line should do. Make sure to blend the dark foundation outward towards your cheeks. Blend the foundation around your nostrils and under your eyes as well. This is the first stage in creating the slimming effect for your nose. The dark shade will seem like a shadow later on.
  4. Apply the light foundation. Starting from the area between your eyebrows all the way to the tip of your nose, apply a line of light foundation with your makeup brush. Make sure to blend it thoroughly and carefully. Blend the light foundation outward towards the darker shade foundation you previously applied. This light foundation will enhance the top of your nose and make the sides of your nose seem like shadows thus creating the slimming effect.
  5. Dust off your nose. Once you have blended the foundation to perfection, get the powder brush and lightly dust off any excess powder and foundation off of your nose. This should set the foundation.
  6. Opt for surgery. If applying makeup cannot create the effect you want, you can opt for cosmetic surgery to decrease the width of your nose. This will make your nose look slim permanently. Choose a cosmetic or plastic surgeon with a good reputation. Ask the surgeon for references if possible.

Aside from the basic foundations, you can try contour concealers as well. This may be a little bit easier to apply and more appropriate for your needs. Either way, before going to a surgeon and getting rid of your nasty nose, try different types of makeup strategies first. This can save you a lot more money and free you from unnecessary pain.


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