How To Cornrow Children’s Hair

Cornrows are just another great hairstyle that your kids can enjoy. Instead of putting their hair up in pigtails or down in braids, your kids will definitely love you more for being a cool mom and having their hair in cornrows.

To know how, read the following steps:

1. You will need to prepare the following:

  • hair clips or hair pins
  • rubber or colorful elastic bands
  • hair wax (for straight hair)
  • hair moisturizer (for curly hair)

2. Before asking your child to sit down and cornrow her hair, determine first what style you’re trying to achieve. If you can, bring out a piece of paper and a pencil and draw it out first.

3. Once you have figured out the style you want to achieve, choose a time in the day when your child is in a good mood. To get decent results, it is important that your child sit still while you do this, so you may need to keep her busy. Give your child books or toys that she can play with quietly while you style her hair.

4. You can choose to do this either after giving your child a bath, or just simply shampoo her hair. Her hair needs to be damp, not soaking wet. This will make the styling easier and the hair more manageable.

5. Before starting on the cornrows, use hair wax for straight hair. It should be a water-based, not oil-based. If your child has thick and curly hair, apply hair moisturizer first. You can choose between hair grease or hair food.

6. The next thing to do would be to separate your child’s hair into the parts which you want to cornrow. You can use the hair pins and clips to secure the other side of the hair.

7. From the separated section of the hair, separate a smaller part. To begin a row, you would need to get three strands to create a normal braid. You would need to weave the strands into each other.

8. As you do this, you would need to add another strand of hair from the bigger section every time you make a braid. You will have to join a new strand of hair with the current braid you are doing.

9. Continue doing this. Try to think of it as you are adding to the braid until you are done with the whole section.

10. Now that you have cornrowed the section of the hair that you want, you can either have an invisible braid by tucking your child’s hair under; or have the hair up for a visible braid. If you have achieved the style that you planned for, you can already secure the hair with the rubber band.

You see, the salons don’t always have the answers. You can do any hair style you want to give your child in the comforts of your own home at a very low cost. Try it out, and see how wonderful your child will look with a different hairstyle.


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