How To Cover up a Scar

Body scar treatment

Whether you got it from an accident or from a surgical procedure, an exposed, prominent scar can make you feel awkward, even uncomfortable.  People can readily notice a scar if it is on your face, arms, or hand.  And sometimes, they look at your scar zealously, forgetting that the act readily makes you feel edgy, if not embarrassed.  So, covering it up can definitely boost your self-esteem, or at least, minimize your uneasiness.  Here are some simple ideas on how you can cover up your scar:

  • Hairstyle.  A scar on your forehead is certainly noticeable.  Don’t forget Harry Potter’s burden every time people get to see his “scar”.  One of the common solutions here is easy to pull off – work out your hairstyle.  Your bangs can do the trick.  And this is ideal if you intend to be seen in a number of social engagements.  See to it that your bangs always remain dry and well put together.  You may need to set it properly before you go out in public.  Otherwise, your scar may readily be exposed again.   
  • Make-up.  Relying on make-up products is one of the more practical options.  You can just use some of the over-the-counter concealers and foundations.  Look for tones that can match the surrounding skin.  Your goal is to let your scar “evenly blend” to the skin area.  A good concealer or foundation can effectively cover your skin’s imperfection.  Of course, this works wonderfully if the scar is fairly minor and the scar’s color is relatively close to the surrounding skin.
  • Tattoo. If your scar is more pronounced, you may need to chance you plan.  You need to try something a bit drastic.  If your scar is on your leg, arm, or abdomen, getting a nice tattoo can be one of the best remedies.  You can request the tattoo artist to take a great look at your scar.  Then, find out how he can “incorporate” your scar in his overall tattoo design.  Obviously, you should challenge him to make the blemish “vanish”.  When people get to look at your tattoo, they should be impressed.  They should appreciate your “body art”, totally forgetting that there’s a scar underneath that.
  • Physical cover.  If your scar is on your body, wearing appropriate garments is definitely advisable.  For example, if the problem is on your back, hide it by wearing a shirt.  Meanwhile, if your scar is right on the side of your face, sporting a pair of sunglasses can be considered.  See to it that the sunglasses have thick arms.  You can also try to be more creative with your scarves in covering a scar on your neck.
  • Cosmetic surgery.  Yes, medical science can completely take away your problem.  The latest developments in cosmetic surgery have been far advanced and sophisticated.  You need to consult a cosmetic surgeon so you can thoroughly learn about the medical procedure.  Good money may be involved here.  So, be prepared.

Instead of just covering it, you can also consider using some products that are meant to minimize your scar.  You can check out some great choices at Most of the featured products there can be applied daily.  In about a month or less, dramatic changes may already be noticed.


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