How To Cover up Scars: Beauty Tips

Disguise Your Scars with Makeup Tricks and More

Checking a scar on her back
Scars can be unsightly and embarrassing, especially if they're always noticeable. Covering them up with makeup can do wonders for your self-esteem and your overall appearance. If you're looking for ways to cover up scars, these suggestions should help:

Step 1

Use foundation. A quick fix to a noticeable scar is some concealer and foundation. Applying certain makeup tricks are a great way of hiding a scar. If you have a small scar, concealer and foundation will do the trick to cover your scars, and this should be something you already have around the house. Apply a little bit of concealer to your clean, dry face in the area of your scar. Let it dry, and then apply foundation to your entire face as you normally would. The foundation will blend in with the concealer, giving you a natural, scar-free look.

Step 2

Try a camouflage cream. If your scars are quite noticeable, basic foundation won't cover up your scars entirely. A better choice would be a camouflage cream. DermaColor makes a great product to help hide scars, but there are other skin care tips and products that are just as effective. Camouflage cream is available in a wide variety of shades and colors, so you should never have trouble matching your regular skin tone. It is heavily-pigmented, and can even cover scars or birthmarks completely different from your own skin color. It comes in cream form and can be used on any part of your body. Another bonus to this scar-masking solution is that it provides moisture to the area of the scars, keeping your skin healthy and working to speed healing. To apply this product, simply warm a bit of the cream in your hands, and apply a small amount to the scar. Use as little as possible to cover the scars. Cover the product with a matte powder afterwards, and your scars should be covered all day. (It's even waterproof, which means you can swim while wearing this great scar makeup!)

Step 3

Use a physical cover. Actually covering scars (or other things you may not want to highlight) is a great way to detract attention from them. Another popular way to hide scars and skin blemishes is to use something other than makeup. Women with birthmarks or scars on their foreheads will often get hairstyles with thick-cut bangs that will cover the scars entirely. Similarly, scars on the body can be covered using clothing or accessories like scarves or glasses. No one will know about that burn mark on your back if it's always hidden under your shirt. And that scar on the side of your face can easily be hidden under a pair of glasses with thick arms. Get creative when covering your scars; there are lots of ways to conceal scars that don't look obvious or unnatural.


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