How To Cover Zits

If you have a dance, date, or other special event coming up, and you have a zit, you may be panicking. It's too late to stop the zit from happening, but you don't want it to ruin your day. If you want it to go away, resist the urge to squeeze it. This will just make it larger, redder, and more noticeable. Luckily there are a few quick ways to cover your zits. Here's how to cover zits:

  1. Try to shrink the zit. If it's not yet the day of the event, try to shrink the zit. At night, dab a little white toothpaste on the zit. Leave it on until the morning, if you can, or at least for a few hours. This trick is said to shrink the size of a zit. In the morning, gently wash off the toothpaste.
  2. Make the zit less red. If your blemish is particularly red, you can apply eye drops, like Visine. These are designed to remove redness from the eyes, and will also work on your zit.
  3. Moisturize the area. Apply oil-free moisturizer all over your face, concentrating on the area with the zit. Zits often become too dry, and this dryness will make them show through the makeup. Well-moisturized blemishes are easier to cover.
  4. Apply foundation. Use a high-quality foundation that is as evenly matched to your natural skin color as possible. Find makeup that is noncomodogenic, meaning that it will not add to your zit problems. Use just a dab at first; avoid caking on makeup on top of your zit or it will only stand out more. Blend it carefully into the surrounding skin using your fingertip. Pat it on rather than rubbing it into the skin; this will give it the right texture.
  5. Use concealer. On top of the thin layer of foundation, apply concealer. Use your fingertip or simply the stick of concealer to dab a little on top of the zit, and then blend it in with the surrounding skin. Again, this concealer should be matched to your skin tone. Avoid using too thick of a layer, or it will make the zit stand out against the surrounding skin.
  6. Finish with powder. Add a light layer of loose or pressed powder to the zit area as well as the rest of your face, as usual. Powder takes the shine off the area and will help it blend in with the rest of your skin.
  7. Carry concealer with you. Carry the concealer stick with you in your clutch or handbag for touch-ups throughout the day or evening.

You should only cover zits for special occasions. It's much better to let them breathe, without covering them in makeup or other products. If you're not going anywhere, leave the makeup off the zit to let it heal. However, if you need the zit covered for pictures or a special occasion, makeup is the only way to do it.


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