How To Create a Hair Bump Accessory

Nothing wrong with a little bump and grind as R. Kelly said in his song with the same title. Women love height and volume in their hair. You want proof? How about all 5 million people who tune in weekly to Jersey Shore for the Snooki do? There you go. That is all the proof you need.

Well if you want to create the illusion of height and volume, you can buy the latest hair-accessory craze called “bumpits!” It might be a bit uncomfortable though because it’s made of plastic and will only stay in place by pushing the “grooves” or “teeth” which in the long-term will cause pain on your scalp.

How about making your own soft and affordable hair bump?

Here’s how:

Get the stuff you need for this home project:

  • A pair or two of stockings or tights.
  • Bobby pins.
  • Wide-toothed comb.
  • Rat-tail comb. This is the one with the long and slim handle.
  • Extra hold and volumizing hair spray.
  • Hair clips to hold your hair in place when you start parting your hair in two sections.

Sock it to ya, baby. You can use stockings or tights as your substitute. Yes, the very same pair you use that is similar to your mama’s pantyhose. Choose whatever color you like but beige, skin tone, or black would be best.

Rollin’ with the homies. Take a pair of these tights, start at the toe portion, and start rolling it like a joint. Okay, if you want to be all politically correct about it, roll the stockings into a really tight tube like a cigar. If you think the outcome is too thick for your hair or if it will show through your hair, don’t worry. This can be repaired by cutting off a portion of the stockings until you have sufficiently made a tight tube that will stay hidden underneath your hair. Make as many rolls or tubes to fill the entire length of the section of your hair that will need the hair bumps.

Time to take a shower. Wash your hair as usual. Shampoo, condition, rinse, and towel dry your hair. Let it dry naturally or move the process along by using a blow dryer.

Comb through to remove tangles. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair. This also prevents frizz and static cling.

Use the rat-tail comb to part your hair. Section your hair from temple to temple. You choose if you want the hair bumps on the middle partition or closer to the crown. What’s important here is that you evenly part the section from your left to your right temple. Use the hair clips to secure the hair while making the partition visible while you work.

Take the rolled tubes and secure these on the spot. Use the bobby pins to make sure the tubes are securely positioned on the exposed scalp. Anchor the bobby pins on the bottom section of your hair. You will need the top portion to cover it completely later.

Take the top portion of your hair by removing the hair clip. Comb through this section while being careful not to dislodge the hair bump a.k.a. rolled tubes and bobby pins. Make sure that the hair bump is completely hidden from view. Once you are satisfied that your hair is in place, you can experiment with a hair clip for a gathered-up semi-beehive ala-Snooki of Jershey Shore or January Jones in Mad Men. Well, you get the picture.

Set the look with hair spray. This will ensure that your hair stays in place and remains shiny with just the right amount of volume.

You can choose to sleep with your hair bumps intact and as long as personal hygiene allows. Take it out when you need to wash your hair again. Ditto, just throw the hair bumps into the washer for a quick tumble and dry as needed.


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