How To Create a Punk Jacket

Is your punk rock appeal still incomplete? Don’t worry, with this project, you can finish off your overall appeal. This is as simple as creating a punk jacket. So if you have a plain old jacket in your closet, better grab it and get this project started.

  • Find a good jacket. Good news for you. You can simply transform a jacket into a perfect punk-looking one. There is no more need for you to make some stitches or whatsoever. So to start this project, look for the perfect jacket for a punk rock transformation. If you are eyeing a leather jacket, just any color will do. However, if you will be working on denim, check for its color and thickness. The denim must be dark in color and it must also be sturdy and thick.
  • Purchase studs. There are different sizes of studs that the market offers. Choose sizes that will best match the design you have in mind. Also, choose studs that can be easily screwed on without the use of any special tool. This way, the process of attaching them on the jacket will be a breeze for you.
  • Lay out the jacket. Think of how you want the studs to appear on the jacket. Use your creativity and imagination for this matter. However, make sure that the placement of the studs will not make the punk jacket uncomfortable for you to wear. Then, mark the jacket in places where the studs must go. For black leather, it is a good idea to mark the places with a masking tape.
  • Screw the studs. Cut through the jacket’s fabric where the studs will go. Use a sharp carpet knife to help you for this matter. Keep in mind to cut only a small slit just right to force the stud's end to pass through it. However, if you are making the slit on a denim fabric, secure the inside of the jacket with duct tape. This will help the fabric not to fray over time. Then, push the studs in each hole and screw the studs in.
  • Add several patches. Choose from the wide selection of patches to complete the look of your punk jacket. This depends on your personal style. Options include band logos and anarchy patches. Use super glue to attach the patches on leather. On the other hand, sew them in when being attached to a denim jacket. You can also sew the chosen patches on leather. However, take note that this can be very tough for you. Get a specialized needle for sewing leather to aid you with this process.
  • Apply finishing touches. Use acrylic pens to add more design onto your jacket. This can be painting designs or words that speak of your personality. Other options to finish the punk jacket include chains, buttons, safety pins, and other details. You can use as much buttons you desire as long as it supports a good design idea. However, limit the use of chains for your comfort.

With your homemade jacket, your dream punk rock look will already be complete. So show the world what you got and spread the message you want to share.


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