How To Create a Signature Scent

While perfumers will try to convince you to use their products as your fragrance, there are many other ways to come up with your own signature scent. While some may be on the expensive side, others can be affordable and more creative to obtain.

Here are ways to create a signature scent:

  • Mix two perfumes together. Pick a base perfume and a side scent, such as vanilla and cinnamon. Apply the base perfume on one wrist and behind one earlobe then the side scent on the counterpart wrist and earlobe. Avoid mixing the scents together as these may change the composition of either scent. Avoid mixing too many fragrances, as they will not only counteract each other’s effects, but may result in a repellent aroma.
  • Use scented lotion. Lotions not only keep your skin supple and moisturized, but provide a pleasant fragrance all over your body. Scented body creams also work well for an all-day fragrance.
  • Buy samples from the Web. Many people receive free perfume samples from purchases or unsolicited sources, and instead of throwing them away, they offer them on online auction sites. Scan through the offerings from these sites or look for specific brands, then bid for them. You can also ask for samples directly from the perfume company by signing up on their websites, or from people who make homemade fragrances. Take your time trying on samples to allow them to warm up from your body heat, and clear your nose before proceeding with the next batch.
  • Acquire some essential oils. Essential oils are the basic ingredients of perfumes and are an affordable alternative to creating your own scent. Purchase these oils from online vendors and study online guides as to which oil works for you. You can even mix your own essential oils at home with some kitchen equipment and some knowledge in aromatherapy. Store your creations in dark bottles, label them clearly and keep them away from light and heat. What’s more, you can impart your signature fragrance with homemade items such as candles, soap, body wash and potpourri.
  • Enlist in a scent-making workshop. Boutique stores regularly host workshops to draw potential customers, and some of these workshops deal in perfume-making. Basic knowledge of perfume, techniques is mixing oils and other tips are taught and discussed, and participants leave with practical knowledge of perfumery, which they can then supplement with books and online resources.
  • Consider a classic perfume brand. CKOne, The Body Shop and Prada have several perfumes that are exquisite and memorable. While these perfumes are popular, you can be the one in your social circle to sport one of these fragrances and make it your own. You can buy these perfumes online or at boutique shops and department stores; you can also start your search by getting samples from perfume kiosks.

You can use mineral oil to tone down some of the more potent fragrances you have in your collection. Make sure to test your signature scent with a friend before stepping out, and see if your fragrance is as alluring as it is distinctive.


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