How To Create a Spa Menu

In the past, spas were only a meeting place for women who wanted a little relaxation. But today, spas are more than just a relaxation haven. Spas still offer soothing effects for people but spas today are expected to be more therapeutic, healthier, and beautifying. That’s good news for you because that means you’ll have more options when creating a spa menu. The more options you have, the more unique your spa house can be.

However, creating a spa menu is not as easy as preparing a breakfast menu. You need to pick wisely and strategize well if you want your spa to sell. Some tips on creating a spa menu should help you get started:

  • Start with the basic. Spas are expected to offer the basic spa services. The basic spa menu depends on your location but will typically include a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure. These basic therapies are the core services that a spa offers. You can offer specific facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure for your basic treatments. Play with the words to make them more attractive. For instance, instead of saying you re offering a “facial,” say that you are offering a “Swedish facial.” The name already describes the basic treatment.
  • Decide on the special services. These services will set you apart from other spa houses. Think about your specialty and use that to figure out your special spa menu. If you specialize on body contouring, then offer special body contouring therapies. If you specialize on massage therapy, then offer different kinds of therapeutic massage.
  • Group spa treatments for different customers. Who are your target customers? You should list down the spa treatments that you will be offering based on the customers. For instance, have a set of treatments for men, for women, for children, or for oldies. It will be easier for the customers to decide on the treatment this way.
  • Create a spa package. Clients can save money with spa packages and you will get more profit with these. Look at the spa packages of other spa houses to get some ideas. Spa services can be formed based on the need. Create a spa package for those who want to relieve stress, those who want to be slimmer, and those who want to look younger. Come up with a creative title for the spa package. For example, name it “Slimmer Me” if the package includes treatments that will help customers to slim down.
  • Use flowery words when describing the spa treatments. Describe what you will be using for the spa treatment and what benefits that treatment can give the client. Use a lot of modifiers so that the client will have an idea of what that treatment can do.
  • Make the description direct but concise. Instead of using a lot of words, you may choose to put on what the treatment can do and how long that benefit can be achieved. Say that the treatment can make the client look ten years younger after two sessions of a spa treatment. It will be more interesting if the result will be guaranteed. Clients will surely be willing to try your treatment especially if they got nothing to lose.

The spa menu is only one of the important elements that will make your spa house sell. Effective marketing strategies should be well-implied, too. Lastly, exceed your clients’ expectations and keep an outstanding customer service. You sure want to use the word-of-mouth marketing for your spa, too.


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