How To Create a Successful Celebrity Hair Blog

Celebrity hairstyles is one topic that many people love to check, rave about and follow. Most fans want to know how to achieve a certain look or the current hairstyle of a favorite celebrity and take great effort to find the right hairstylist or salon that can give them almost, if not the same, hairstyle. Even hair products said to be used and endorsed by celebrities get a major sales boost as fans and avid followers rush to get the same brand.

If you are one of those people who follow hair trends and have great interest in hairstyles and hairstyling products, blogging about it is one way to make your ideas, opinions, and views known and share your knowledge with many viewers and readers. Celebrity hairstyles are good blog material and you will never run out of topics and news to share. To make your celebrity hair blog successful, here are some tips.

  1. Do your research about celebrity hairstyles and hair fashion. Get background information about hair, hair cutting techniques, grooming, hair care and hairstyling. You will write more credibly if you know more about the subject. You have to be an expert source for your blog to be successful.
  2. Follow the general hair fashion trends and the styles that the celebrities favor and write about it. Get snippets of interviews that you can find in the web, on magazines and newspapers and include these in your blog.
  3. Look for older photos of celebrities sporting different hairstyles and make a hairstyle evolution gallery showing the different hairstyles they had through the years - short, straight, long, curly, dyed, side-parted, with bangs, and so on. It will be better if you can include the period a particular hairstyle has been worn by each celebrity. A chronology of this is one thing that readers will greatly appreciate.
  4. Celebrities change their hairstyles every so often and it will be nice if you can include a “What’s New” feature in your blog where you can show the current hairstyle followed by a number of celebrities. Include photos of some of the well-known celebrities sporting the latest hair style.
  5. To add more spice to your blog, you can also look for some photos of celebrities with their “hair down”, meaning when they are not in front of the cameras, and looking just like any ordinary person and compare it with a photograph of them with their hair done. You can also try to find pictures of celebrities with bad hairstyles and feature them in your blog.
  6. Add instructions on how a certain hairstyle is achieved. It will be great if you can find step by step instructions with photos. Follow it up with hair maintenance and grooming techniques.
  7. Make your blog earn for you. You can look up some of the beauty and hair care products used by celebrities that offer affiliate marketing and sign up. You can display their ads in your blog and earn a commission for every sale that is made from your site.
  8. Add a forum to your blog and encourage visitors to become members and post comments. Your celebrity hair blog will be more successful if you have regular members and readers. A highly active blog rates higher in search engine rankings.

You can blog successfully when you know the topic you are blogging about. Let your readers know that you are an expert and credible source of news and topics about celebrity hairstyles. Always cite sources where applicable. Keep your blog updated to keep readers interested and continue visiting your blog site.


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