How To Create Bantu Knots in Hair

Bantu knots, also known as Zulu knots, are composed of balled up braided and twisted hair. The hair style was very popular among African Americans during the 70’s. Even now, the style is still being used by African American cultures due to its flexibility and uniqueness. The hair style can be applied to any hair length and thickness. Although Bantu knots are usually created using a balled up design, other stylists have created other shapes for the knots like triangle and diamond shapes. If you are planning to style your hair, Bantu knots are a good style to try.

Prepare the materials. In creating the perfect Bantu knot style, you will need to prepare the materials needed to accomplish the job. These materials can be found at any beauty supply store.

  • A comb with wide teeth
  • A rat-tailed comb
  • Shea butter
  • Hair Gel
  • Rubber bands
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Finishing spray

Wash your hair. Before proceeding with the styling, your hair must be clean and detangled. To achieve that, you will need to wash your hair thoroughly. Use shampoo and remember to condition your hair adequately. Dry your hair naturally and apply Shea butter to make it soft and smooth. This will help you detangle you hair later on.

Detangle your hair. Get your wide-tooth comb and detangle your hair. Make sure to comb your hair thoroughly to ensure that no tangle remains. Detangle sections of your hair since you will be parting your hair into sections later on. Comb from the roots down to the ends of your hair to disengage any tangles.

Part your hair into sections. While there are no rules on the thickness of the sections that you will be parting, a good rule of thumb would be to use a 1 inch measurement per section. This is the most popular measurement for it. If you have longer hair, then you can probably create larger sections. The larger the section, the larger the knot. Use a rat-tailed comb to part the sections more efficiently.

Twist and shape your hair into a Bantu knot. Select one section and twist it. Spray some water on the section as you twist it. Double twist or braid your hair for a firmer effect. Apply hair gel for a good hold and shine. Once you twist it the section enough, wrap it around itself in a circular motion to form a knot. Make sure to only form a knot and not create one. If you knot your hair, it will be difficult to undo it. As soon as you form the Bantu knot, secure it by tying a rubber band around it to hold the shape and knot. Make sure that the rubber band is not too tight and not too loose. It should be able to hold the shape and knot without restricting it from air absorption and slight movement. Repeat the process for the other sections until all the sections of your hair is in a Bantu knot hairstyle.

As soon as you complete the hairstyle, spray some finishing spray on each knot to add shine and hold. Accentuate the whole style by adding shelled and beaded hair accessories.


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