How To Create a Choppy Hairstyle

In these times, too styled has become corny. That’s why more and more kids of the 2000 generation are looking for “no-fuss” and “bedhead” looks. The upside to this is that if you’re aspiring to be a hairstylist, this style is going to be a cinch to create. If your young client asks you for a choppy hairstyle, here are some pointers to help you out:

  1. Ask what type choppy hairstyle she wants. There are many types of choppy hairstyles that your client could choose from. Some of these choppy hairstyles include the choppy shag, choppy bob and choppy pixie. The main difference between these choppy hairstyles is the length: the shag is the longest, and the pixie the shortest. Also, the shag is the softest, most feminine look among the three; the bob gives a punky, edgy look; and the pixie is easiest to manage and gives the most “no-bother” look of the three. Supply pictures of celebrities with these hairstyles so that your client could choose which one she would like. 
  2. Prep the hair. The best hair for a choppy hairstyle is straight hair. If your client has curly or wavy hair, she would need to have her hair blow dried and straightened first. Use a flat iron for straightening.
  3. Define the part of the hair. Using a straight, fine-tooth comb, define the natural part of the hair. Then, cut off the hair the normal way until the length that your client desires, but add an inch to this length to make allowance for the layering. Most of the time, choppy hairstyle also includes bangs; ask your client if she would like to have bangs and whether it should cut graze the eyebrows or be a little longer than that. 
  4. Layer the hair. Systematically gather portions of your client’s hair and pull them back from the crown. You will now snip off hair at different angles to create a layered look. There are two popular ways of doing this: you could either cut off more at the top hair layer, going shorter as you go inwards; or you can go the opposite way by cutting off shorter at the top layer and then cutting off more as you get closer to the scalp.
  5. Chop chop! Once you’ve created the layers, it’s time to add the modern tweener twist – the chops! Make small, snappy, random snips at different portions of the hair as you see fit. It’s safer if you take away small portions first, then bigger chunks as you go along. Remember that your purpose is to create a jagged, uneven finish for the hairstyle.

To help you better understand the principles behind creating choppy hairstyles, take the time to look at pictures of celebrities who have this look. Once you’ve got this image in your head, you’d better be able to recreate this popular look for your clients.  Some clients who have choppy hairstyles (at one point or another) include Meg Ryan, Courtney Cox, and Kirsten Stewart.


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