How To Create Curly Updos for Long Hair for Prom

The prom speaks of old-fashioned love and romance, and no matter what the generation is, it’s always a great idea to attend your high school prom wearing classic and timeless gowns and accessories. Yet another detail to think about will be your hairstyle, which you could keep elegantly stylish with a classic updo. The advantage to having a simple and timeless style for your prom is that you could avoid having your prom pictures look dated. Think about it: the messy, deconstructed updo could be all the fad now, but chances are, it will look simply cluttered in thirty years when that trend has died down. With that being said, how do you create a classic look with a curly updo? There are so many different styles for curly updos, but here’s some instructions to create the most basic updo style:

1.    Curl your hair. This is the first step. If you’ve got naturally curly locks then it will definitely be easier for you, but if you have straight hair, no worries still. Just curl your hair with a curling iron. Find out how to do it by clicking here.

2.    Prep your hair. Once you’ve got your hair curled, make sure that it is completely free of knots and tangles. Use a soft paddle brush to carefully brush through your hair. Do know that updos actually work best with unwashed hair, since natural hair oils help to make the hairstyle last longer. Plus, recently-washed hair may be too slippery that it gets to be impractical to work with it.

3.    Divide your hair into sections. Pull up most of your hair up into a ponytail, leaving the bottom ¾ of your hair down. Secure your ponytail with an “ouch-free” elastic band. Next, have a few strands frame your face on both sides. For added effect, curl the hair that frames your face into small ringlets. Now, your hair will essentially be in a ponytail, with a few ringlets framing your face, and ¼ of your hair left down.

4.    Secure the ponytail into a bun. Wrap the length of your ponytail around its base. Use lots of bobby pins and hairspray to ensure that it will stay in place.  Next, put up the remaining section of hair and wrap it over the bun that you’ve created. Again, use bobby pins and hairspray to secure this.

If you have time, you can experiment with arranging the ponytail into different designs. Some designs you could try out include a flower petal design, with the base of the ponytail as its center; and a top and bottom bun design. Just remember, your friends here are bobby pins and hairspray.

5.    Drizzle glitter over the updo. To give added elegance and pizazz to your updo, drizzle on a pinch of glitter all over.
There you have it! This is a really simple, non-fussy way to create a curly updo for the prom. This should take you about 30 minutes or less. Good luck, and have fun!


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