How To Create Garden Skin Lotions

Anyone experiencing dry skin will understand the importance of having a readily available supply of skin lotion. However, did you know that you could make your own skin lotion with items from your garden for about the same price as purchasing it at the cosmetic counter or pharmacy? Making skin lotions from your garden can allow you to mix scents to suit your taste while keeping the skin lotion free of chemical additives. In this article I will explain how you can make your own skin lotion using items from your garden.

The first step in making skin lotion from your garden is to make the lotion base. Skin lotion is easily made with three basic ingredients: oil, water, and an emulsifier. You can be as creative as you would like with these ingredients to fit the needs of your skin. For instance, for dry skin try utilizing oils such as almond, coconut, olive, or even avocado. For oily skin try oils that do not have such a high fat content such as grape seed as it is not as heavy and has a tendency to leave skin less greasy. Once you have mixed the oil and water, you can add your chosen emulsifying agent. Good choices for emulsifiers include petroleum jelly, lanolin, and beeswax. (The addition of an emulsifying agent can prevent the natural oils from spoiling.)

Once the base ingredients of your skin lotion have been combined, the next step is to heat the mixture. Once all of the items have reached a liquid state it is important to mix them. Your skin lotion can be whisked manually or blended in a blender on low; whichever process you prefer. It is at this stage of preparing your skin lotion that you can add items from your garden. Flowers, fruits, and even vegetables from your garden can offer healing properties as well as adding scent. Adding essences from your garden when making skin lotion can also allow you the flexibility to change your formulations rather inexpensively. If you do not have a green thumb, farmer’s markets are a great place to source items for your skin lotion. You do not have to have your own garden to make these skin lotions-the idea is to stay natural and to use items from a garden. It does not necessarily have to be your own.

Now that you know how to make skin lotions from your garden, feel free to experiment! Try seasonal and readily available items from your garden. For example in the spring you can make your skin lotion with lilac, lily, spearmint, or even fresh lavender. In the fall you can add apple, pumpkin, or chrysanthemums. Summer, you could make an effective mosquito repelling skin lotion with fresh citronella and lemon grass. The only limitations you face when making skin lotion from your garden is your creativity.


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