How To Create Soft Curls

Soft curls are popular these days. You too can get that sexy Jessica Simpson look in only a few minutes. Follow this guide on how to create soft, flowing curls.

Step 1

Wash your hair. Before you begin adding soft curls to your hair, you must first have clean hair. Use whatever shampoo and conditioner works best for your hair. Rinse well.

Step 2

Apply products to your hair. Although soft curls may look natural, they actually require a little bit of product to keep them in place. Prepare your hair for the soft curls you're about to add by prepping it with some styling spray. (You can also use a styling mousse, if you prefer.) Spray the product onto your roots and then comb it through your hair. The entire shaft doesn't need to be covered, but just be sure that there aren't areas of your hair where the styling spray is too thick. (It will dry to a white, flaky mess.)

Step 3

Part your hair. Now that your hair has some product in it, you should part it. You can choose to part it down the middle. But if you prefer to have a side part, that's fine too. It will be your only chance to style your hair before you begin to add soft curls to it.

Step 4

Dry your hair. Once your hair has been sufficiently prepped, blow dry it completely. To add volume to your hair in order to make the curls look softer (and not flat), you should crunch your hair as you dry it. Flip your hair upside down as you dry it for even more volume. Your hands should be your only styling tools as you scrunch and dry your hair. (The only exception here is if you have curly hair. Your hair needs to be straight to pull off soft curls, so use a paddle brush as you dry your curly hair.)

Step 5

Work with one side of your hair at a time. Since you separated your hair by parting it earlier, it should be easy to define the two sides of hair you'll be working with. Secure both sides with an elastic to create two ponytails. You can now begin to create soft curls by pulling your hair into a bun. To do this, grab all of the hair on one side of your head and twist it in one direction. It should naturally form a bun. Hold the bun in place with another elastic (or large hair clip.)  Repeat this on both sides so that you have two buns near your ears.

Step 6

Set the soft curls. The shape of the buns is what is going to create the soft curls for you. To set the curls, you'll need to add heat again. Use the blow dryer and apply heat to both buns for at least 5 -10 minutes. After that, don't touch the curls. Leave them for another 20 minutes or until just before you're about to leave your house. The longer the buns stay in place, the more soft curls you'll have.

Step 7

Style your soft curls. Once the curls have set and you're ready to leave, take two minutes to finish off this look. Remove the elastics and clips. Run your fingers through your hair a few times. Don't use a brush or a comb. Apply a texturizing spray or hairspray to keep the soft curls you've created in place all day.


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