How To Create Yarn Braid Hair Extensions

Braiding is one way of adding extensions to your hair. Through pinch braiding, you can add different types of hair extensions. This can include yarn, string, ribbons, and even natural or synthetic hair. Creating yarn braid hair extensions will require practice and patience, though. You might not get it perfectly the first time, but with enough time, you can get your hair looking longer and better with yarn extensions.

What you need:

  • Comb
  • Hair clips
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons, beads, other hair accessories

Pre-wash the yarn. Some yarns shrink after getting wet, so it will be a good idea to pre-wash the yarn before you use these as hair extensions. This way, even when you wash your hair, the yarn will not start shrinking and pulling your hair. You can use different colored yarns, although it’s best that you use one that accentuates the natural color of your hair.

Separate sections of hair. Use your comb to separate small sections of your hair where you will be using yarn extensions. You will need to work on one section at a time, so it will be easier if you can clip the surrounding hair so that these will not get in the way.

Cut the yarn. Cut two pieces of yarn. One should be twice the length of the other. You will then have to knot the shorter piece at the exact mid-point of the longer piece, such that there are three strands hanging down from the knot.

Braid the yarn into your hair. Holding the yarn at the knot, slip the knot end behind the section of hair you will be braiding. Braid the yarn along with your hair, placing one length of yarn for each strand of the braid. Continue braiding even if you run out of hair to braid—simply continue braiding the strands of yarn. Tie a knot at the bottom once you finish braiding.

Braid other sections. Repeat the instructions on other sections of your hair, taking care to separate hair one section at a time. Take care not to braid too tightly, since pre-shrunk yarn can continue to shrink and might pull on your hair, causing damage.

Add decorations. You can add beads, clips or other hair accessories to your yarn braids to help accentuate your look.

Yarn hair extensions are washable, and you can wash your hair as often as you like. You can shampoo like you normally do, but remember to use non-mineral based products, as these can cause the yarn to disintegrate. Instead, you should use vegetable-based shampoos to clean your hair.

Braiding your hair with yarn extensions will take about half a day (approximately 10 hours) so you will need a lot of patience and free time on your hand. You will usually have to braid about a hundred small sections for the yarn’s width to look proportional to the hair sections. If you can get someone to help you, then that will make it easier to braid your hair.


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