How To Cure a Pimple Scar

For most of us, the awkward teen years of our bodies developing into the stages of adulthood were also the formative years of our personalities. In these most sensitive and trying times of our lives, when we not only tried to fit in our own social circles, battled for peer acceptance and independence from parental units, we had to battle the bane of adolescence: acne. Practically everyone (except for those exceptionally blessed with annoyingly flawless skin) had to deal with pimples at one time or the other. While it was a phase that most of us grow out of, some people are left with painful mementos of that period of hormonal imbalances: pimple scars. While we can all forget the embarrassing things we did and the humiliating clothes we wore during high school, pimple scars are permanent, and may cause embarrassment from the blemishes on the face. Here are some ways that you can cure a pimple scar.

  • The best cure is still, and always has been, prevention. Avoid getting pimple scars in the first place by avoiding their underlying cause, pimples. There is a popular myth that chocolate causes pimples: this is not true. Pimples come from a bacterial infection of the sebaceous glands of your face. Poor facial hygiene, or excessive production of sebum (oily faces associated with adolescence) can be pinpointed as a major contributor to pimples. Avoid this by making sure you wash your face at least twice a day with a gentle soap. If you can afford to do so, it is also advisable for you to follow up your cleansing ritual with toner and moisturizer. Keeping your skin healthy will prevent pimples from forming.
  • If you already have pimples, your efforts should be directed to preventing pimple scars from forming. The easiest way for you to do this is simply to AVOID touching your pimples! Do NOT pop your pimples! While this can get rid of the large bump forming on your face, this will create an irregular wound that can not only get infected secondarily, but will most likely form a pimple scar because of poor healing. If you really want to get rid of pimples quickly, you can opt to use salycilic acid treatments, or warm compress placed at least 15 minutes a day. If all else fails, you can try to cover it up with a bandage or makeup.
  • Existing pimple scars can be treated with sandalwood and black gram (masoor) dal paste, which is applied onto the face overnight, and rinsed completely with cold water the following day. Ice cubes can also be placed on large pores to promote their closure. Make sure you couple this with your normal routine of regular cleansing with facial wash, and skin care with toner and moisturizer. Remember, keeping your skin healthy allows it to get rid of scars faster.

It is always best to keep an open mind and discuss all options with your dermatologist. A trained professional will be able to identify the problems in your diet, your facial care regimen, etc, which may be the cause of pimples and pimple scars. You can also inquire about pharmacologic and medical therapies for persistent pimple scars from your dermatologist.


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