How To Cure Dry Cuticles

Do you hate how your hands are ruined by the sight of dry, cracking, and peeling cuticles? Cuticles become dry for the same reasons why skin becomes dry. It is the mixture of exposure to various chemicals and the lack of moisture. If you want to have healthy looking cuticles, here are a few things you can do:

  • Moisturize. The best way to prevent and cure dry cuticles is to always keep them moisturized. Keep your cuticles moisturized by massaging in almond oil or citrus oil whenever needed. You can also use hand cream in the morning and evening to moisturize and nourish your hands and cuticles.
  • Soak. You can also just leave your dry cuticles to soak in warm, sudsy water for several minutes. There are other mixtures that you can soak your hands in to cure dry cuticles. Try soaking your hands in lukewarm water mixed in with a few drops of essential oils of safflower, almond oil, sweet almond or passion flower. You can also try soaking your hands in a mixture of a teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of lemon juice and water. Do this every day for 10-15 minutes.
  • Trim away. Another treatment for dry cuticles is to trim back the dry skin with a cuticle nipper. However, it is advisable not to do this yourself. Unless you’re ambidextrous, trimming your own cuticles can be disastrous. You could cut too deep causing it to bleed or nip too much skin causing the skin to grow back thicker. Before trimming, make sure that your hands have been soaked in water. Make sure to soak your hands after having your cuticles nipped.
  • Intensive care. If you want a more intensive treatment to cure dry cuticles, try his remedy at home. Apply lotion with tea tree and aloe oils on your cuticles, massage gently, and put on gloves before going to bed. Tea tree oil will heal your damaged cuticles and prevent further damage. Aloe will help smooth out your cuticles and keep your cuticles moisturize. The gloves are meant to seal in the moisture. This can also be done with olive oil. First, soak your fingers in water mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil for 5-10 minutes. Then coat your fingers with a generous amount of olive oil before putting on hand gloves. Exfoliate your hands and cuticles at least once a week. You can try this at home. Mix fresh lemon juice and add equal parts of vinegar and water. Soak your fingers for 10-15 minutes, rinse, and rub with sugar to exfoliate dead and dry cuticles.

Dry cuticles may be an indicator of a poor diet resulting in a lack of vitamins. The biggest cause of dry cuticles is a lack of Vitamin C. You will need to increase the number of fruits and vegetables. Make sure you are getting enough Vitamins A, E, and B complex. In addition to eating well, exercise can do good for your cuticles. It helps circulation and opens up the body’s own moisturizing capabilities.


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