How To Curl Hair

If your normally straight hair is bringing you down, consider curling it for a bit of a lift. There are many ways to curl hair from a curling iron to hot rollers and soft sponge rollers. Whatever method you choose, follow these steps and you’re sure to have a little more bounce in your hair.

Curlers or curling iron
Curler pins
Spray-in conditioner

  1. Decide which method you want to use for curling your hair. The basic distinction between methods is the with-heat or without-heat option. If you are using heat, be aware that the repeated use of heat can damage your hair. If you are using a curling iron or hot rollers, skip step 2.
  2. Wet hair and comb out knots. Your hair should be damp (not soaking) and should be able to be combed so there are no knots.
  3. Spray hair with conditioning spray. Use an anti-frizz or heat resistant conditioner if you are using a curling iron or hot rollers.
  4. Separate your hair into sections. Start at the back and separate the hair into sections. The size of the sections will depend on the size of curlers you use. For large, wide curls, use larger curlers and sections up to 2” wide. Make the sections smaller for smaller curlers. Section the back, both sides behind the ears, and both sides in front of your ears for the easiest access.
  5. Divide each section to be curled. Starting with the first section, use the comb to separate the fine top layer.
  6. Starting at the end, wrap hair around the curler. Be sure to wrap the hair evenly around the curler and secure it tightly with a curler pin. For a uniform look, use the same size curlers throughout. For a tapered look (especially if your hair is cut with layers), consider using wide curlers on the back and sides, then smaller curlers for the front and top sections.
  7. Repeat wrapping hair around curlers. Repeat the process for the remaining hair in the section, then move to the sides of your hair. Tightly wrap all of your hair on the curlers.
  8. Let your hair dry completely. Try not to touch your hair or undo the curlers until the hair is fully dry. If you reside in a humid climate, this could take an hour or more, so be sure you’ve planned enough time in your day or let the curlers dry over night.
  9. For hot rollers, let the hair cool before unwinding the curls. Hot rollers start out with dry hair so rather than letting your hair dry, you should be sure that it cools.
  10. Spray with light hairspray or setting gel. Before you remove the curlers from your hair, spray with a setting gel so the curls will hold longer.
  11. Unwind the curlers. Be gentle when removing the curlers from your hair. Start at the bottom and work your way to the top.
  12. Finger comb your hair. You want to avoid brushing the curls out, so spend as little time as possible setting your hair once you remove the curlers. Run your fingers through your hair into the style you want, then spray your hair for hold.
  13. If you used a curling iron for curling, be sure you use dry hair and use thin sections of hair. No matter which method you use, be patient because curling hair takes time. If you are preparing for a special event, practice once or twice to get your preferred curl size and style.

Now you know the simple steps to follow so that you can create wide or springy curls to suit your heart's desire.


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