How To Curl Hair with Thermal Self-Grip Rollers

Thermal self-grip rollers are great for easily curling and adding volume to your hair. These tools are similar to old-style curlers where you separate your hair into small sections and then roll them up these sections up to your scalp. With thermal self-grip rollers, however, hair is more secured (because of the Velcro grip that these rollers have) and curls are tighter and more defined, all with minimum effort. Here are the guidelines to remember when curling hair with thermal self-grip rollers.

  • Know how to choose a good quality thermal self-grip roller set. The most recommended type of material for thermal self-grip rollers are ionic or ceramic sets. These are high quality, are easier to remove (over other types that tend to get tangled on hair) and will give you more defined curls. Another important consideration is the size of the rollers; remember that the smaller the rollers, the tighter your curls will be.
  • Begin with slightly damp hair. Wash your hair as usual, and then blow-dry until your hair is only slightly damp. It’s a good idea for you to blow-dry with your hair upside down, and start the process from the roots: this will help give your hair more volume.
  • Spray with thermal protectant on your hair. Thermal protectant works to protect your hair from getting too dry because of the heat of the rollers. There are also brands that serve multipurpose: they give shine to hair, hold the curls for a longer period, and give more defined curls. You can buy these products at major hair and beauty stores.
  • Roll up your hair with the rollers. Get a small section of your hair, and wind it up with the roller until it reaches the roots. The rollers are designed to secure in place without having to clip them with anything. Continue rolling your hair in sections until all your hair is set in rollers. If your hair is extra slick and glossy, you might find that you’d need to work with thinner sections of hair for the rollers to stay in place.
  • Use a hair dryer. Once your hair is set in rollers, heat the rollers for a few minutes using a hair dryer. Because you are working with thermal (“heat”) rollers, they will retain the heat from the dryer to give you more pronounced curls. After you’ve blow-dried your hair, just wait until the rollers are completely cool.
  • Carefully remove the rollers. The key word here is to be gentle. Never tug or pull at your hair: not only is this unhealthy and may cause hair breakage, it might also eliminate some of the newly-formed curls as well. Simply unravel the hair while removing the rollers gently.

It’s a good idea that you try out the effect of thermal self-grip rollers on your hair before you have to use it for a really special occasion. This way, you will have had the time to experiment with the best ways to use this nifty beauty tool to produce the best curls you would like.


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