How To Customize Flip Flops

A flip flop or flip sandal is a backless sandal, attached to the foot with a thong between the large toe and the toe next to it. This makes it so easy to wear and remove. The good thing about flip flops is that you can wear them all year round. Although this kind of slipper has been in the fashion industry for centuries, it is only recently that flip flops mania has become evident.

Because of the craze for flip flops, different brands now offer more designs than ever. Havaianas, is no doubt, the most popular rubber flip flops brand of all because of the colorful designs and comfort they are popular for. However, when it comes to durability (not to mention expensiveness), clients of Reefs and Gravis Soundchecks flip flops can vouch for these two to last at least two years of everyday use. If you are looking for cheap but chic flip flops, the Topshop and Muji are just right for you.

With so many designs available in the market, choosing is the hardest part. There are times when you think you like this pair, yet there is still something missing, so you pick another one. Then there you go again with, “I kinda like this one…” but something is wrong with the design, color or the attitude of the flip flops. So why not make your own? No, not the flip flops, but only the design.

Here’s how:

  1. Buy yourself the simplest flip flops you can find. It will be easier for you to express your art if the flip flops are in one color, like white.
  2. Purchase a glue gun pack, puff paint, beads, faux flowers, sequins, glitters and other things you can glue to your flip flops.
  3. On a table, spread newspaper or plain brown paper widely on top. This will serve as a cover to protect the table from the glue.
  4. Arrange the flowers, beads, glitters and other accessories on the table. Keep the glue gun near you for convenience and make sure an outlet is within the glue gun’s reach. If there is none, use an extension.
  5. Imagine what design you like for your flip flops. Will you paint it? Is adding flowers and beads enough? Whatever you think looks beautiful, try to draw it first using crayons on a piece of paper. At least, you can have a sample of what your flip flops will look like when you add beads, flowers, etc.
  6. When you finally decide what the design is, plug the glue gun to the outlet to melt the glue.
  7. When ready, pick an accessory, a bead for example. Carefully add glue on the flip flop, and then add the bead. Continue gluing the beads and flowers on the sides or on the strap until you’re done with the design. You can add puff paint to outline the flowers before adding glue at the center. This will make a 3D effect. You can apply glue on the straps of the flip flops and sprinkle them with glitters.

For customizing flip flops for kids, you can use feathers and even rhinestones for design. Fake crystals and diamonds can make the simple flip flop a dazzling Cinderella slipper.  


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