How To Cut Women's Hairstyles

Since the beginning of life, women have searched high and low for the perfect hairstyle to sport.  Today, there are hundreds of different hairstyles available and the list keeps on growing with new trends in style and fashion--not to mention the ever changing and diverse cultures influencing different styles.  Well, regardless of the styles, there are standards to follow nonetheless beginning with the tools to use and how to hold the hair as you cut it.  Here are some things to keep in mind to make the cuts for your client.

  • Wash the hair.  The first step in cutting a woman’s hair will be to wash it.  It is always easier to cut hair when the hair is clean and moist.  First off, wet hair straightens and softens the hair making your cuts smoother and more precise.  This being said, wash the hair and scrub it with your hands.  Make sure you have running water at the ready to wash away any unwanted particles in the hair.  When that is done, absorb the excess water with a nice towel.  
  • Partition the hair.  Since women’s hair is grown naturally long and thick, you will want to partition the hair into sections.  Create the partitions and fasten them with a click.  You will want to twist the sections of hair as well.  Once that is done, pick a section that you would want to work on first and release it from the clip.
  • Start cutting.  Comb the free-sectioned hair straight.  Use a fine-tooth comb for this.  Clip the section from the roots with your middle and index fingers.  Slide down until you approach the desired length you want to cut and use the scissors to snip it.  The cut should be made at an angle dependent on the overall style you are trying to emulate and create.  Keep cutting until the section is evenly shorter.  Move on to the other sections and repeat the process.  Comb what you have cut straight through to see if the cuts are even.  To add texture, volume or style, you will want to use blunt or thinning shears instead of the standard hair shears.  If you want to add texture, you can use a texture shear as well.
  • Cutting the bangs.  Depending on the style you want to create, the process of cutting the bangs may vary.  However, the standards may be the same when it comes to preparing the bangs for the cut.  Section off the bangs and use a comb to have it lay across the forehead.  Comb it down to make it straight.  Get a section of the bangs and apply the cut the same way as stated above but at an angle that will allow you to achieve the style you want.  If you want to thin the bangs, make sure to use thinning shears.  If you want to add more texture, use a pair of texture shears.

These are pretty much the basics when it comes to cutting a woman’s hair based on the hairstyle desired.  Of course, you will want to base your cuts via a pattern so make sure your client shows you what she wants.  Obviously, you will want to practice cutting different hairstyle before even offering to create the style the client wants.  This being said, make sure that you get a lot of hours practicing with a dummy.


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