How To Cut Your Own Hair

In today’s economic crunch, people have taken drastic measure to save a dollar. Even beauty routines that used to be done in salons are now being done at home using home kits. One of the things you can easily do at home is to cut your own hair! If you have the proper tools, a good mirror and a little patience, you can do it!

  • Do your research. Get a book that teaches you how to cut hair. You can also use hair and beauty magazines to get ideas. When you are at the salon, ask for some tips from your stylist so you have an idea on how to recreate the look at home.
  • Prepare your tools. Have a pair of scissors specifically for cutting hair. These can be purchased at beauty supply stores, or even at the health and beauty section of Target. Do not use these scissors for cutting anything else other than hair to keep it sharp. For a man, have a hair cutting system. Robocut, Flowbee, Remington, and Vacuum Haircutters are some popular and affordable brands. You’ll want a towel or a smock, a fine tooth comb with a pointed end for sectioning the hair. You’ll also need hair clamps to keep sections of the hair in place.
  • Prepare your space. The bathroom is a good place to get this done since it usually has a large mirror. The kitchen floor also works. Avoid cutting your hair on a carpeted floor surface.
  • Prepare your hair. Shampoo and wet your hair. You may also use a spray bottle. It will be easier to section wet hair and cut it.
  • Find your natural line. When you section your hair, start with the natural line of your hair where it usually falls. Section off your bangs. Make a line above the ears and work your way back so that you section off the hair into four quarters.
  • Start small. From one section of the hair, get a part of the hair and place it between your index and middle fingers so that it lies flat. Trim off half an inch. When you get another segment of hair, leave a little bit of the already trimmed section so you have a guide of the length you need to follow. Repeat the process as you go around the hair.
  • Be realistic. You need to assess your skills. Don’t attempt a complicated haircut if you’re a novice. You also won’t be able to do a pixie cut or anything too detailed. Evaluate your hair and choose a style that works well with it. It is easier to trim your hair if you have curly and wavy hair because any uneven areas will merely add body to your hair. Mistakes will be more glaring if you attempt a blunt haircut since this requires extreme precision. Stick with trimming of bangs, and not cutting more than an inch or two of your own hair. Maintenance trims every six weeks should be easy enough for your to do, but bring it to the pros if you want something more complicated or a radical new look.
  • Copy your stylist. Go to a salon and get your haircut professionally and just be the one to maintain the cut at home. Ask for tips while the stylist is working on your hair while your hair is being cut. Ask for a haircut that you will be able to maintain yourself so you don’t get an overly fussy or complicated cut.

Beauty doesn’t have to take a back seat even in an economic downturn. Practice cutting your own hair and you may be surprised that you can give yourself a salon style makeover in the comfort of your own home!


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