How To Cut Your Own Hair in a Pixie Style

Hairdresser with scissors

Victoria Beckham, one of the most fashionable women in the world, wears it. Mrs. Tom Cruise, the lovely Katie Holmes, looks even more sophisticated with it. And Rihanna has sashayed with it in several red carpet events. What is it with the pixie hairstyle that several celebrity fashionistas are sporting it lately? Although long locks haven’t gone out of style, a pixie cut is preferred by women who want to look strong, younger, and in control while being highly stylish. The pixie hairstyle is an extremely short do that is often characterized by a spiky top, layered sides, and side-swept bangs. It can be cropped super short or styled longer at the back. Because it draws hair from the face, pixie style hair is ideal for women who have beautiful facial structure.

If you want this kind of hairstyle, have a competent hairdresser do a pixie hairstyle that is appropriate for your face shape. Or if you want a more straightforward approach, cut your own hair. The following can be your guideline.

  • Have a definite idea of the cut you want. If you are going for a pixie hairstyle, determine exactly what kind of haircut you want to have. Although pixie cuts generally have short back and layered patterns, there are slight differences in the applied cutting and texturing techniques, which in turn give each pixie cut its unique appeal. For instance, if you want to accentuate your eyes, you can have long, feathered bangs swept across the side. If you want to be extra stylish, you can have the back shorter than the sides, while the layering on top is quite long. To give you more direction in your cutting, find a picture of a celebrity whose pixie haircut you want to replicate. Study the haircut and see if you can do it on your own.
  • Gather all your tools. Foremost, you need to have a good pair of haircutting scissors. And good means sharp. A sharp pair of scissors leaves the ends healthy as opposed to a dull pair that tends to fray the hair and causes split ends. Other than a pair of scissors, you also need to prepare fine- and wide-tooth combs, wall and hand mirrors, and garbage bin.
  • Cut the hair according to your desired length. First make sure the hair is parted in the usual section and is tangle-free. Once everything is okay, cut the hair following your desired length. Make sure to first cut the interior hair before proceeding to cut the outer hair.
  • Do the interior layering. Start by getting a portion of your hair’s center back that is approximately three inches in width. Then, cut the hair vertically. Next, proceed to cut the sides, alternately running your scissors along the left and right sections to maintain an even length. Make sure to constantly check the length, so you avoid cutting your hair shorter than you desire.
  • Work on the crown. The top section of your hair should start three inches from the nape. Its thickness should be around two inches and the length should be approximately four inches. Cut the top section horizontally, making sure its length blends with the length of the rest of the hair sections.

Finally, add texture. You can do this by getting small portions of the hair and vertically cutting the fringes around 1/3 of the hair’s length. Make sure to cover both the back and the sides. Then, begin to do your bangs by separating the front section of your hair, which should be two inches in width. Cut it vertically according to the length you want.


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