How To Cut Your Own Hairpiece

Growing old could mean a receding hairline or worse, balding for some people. Being a skinhead can be cool. But it’s definitely a bad idea for you. Fortunately, wigs and hairpieces are popular. And just like regular hair, this can be trimmed, too. The only difference, obviously, is that once you cut your own hairpiece, you can’t grow it back. Reduce the chance of making your nice hairpiece into a disaster by knowing just what to do.

Below are the steps on how to cut your own hairpiece:

  • Decide on the hairpiece style. Classic hairstyles will be ideal if you want to keep on using the hairpiece for a longer time. You can still restyle the hairpiece but your style options will be limited. Consider your face and other preferences also when choosing a style.
  • Put your hairpiece on its wig stand. It will be easier to trim a hairpiece this way. If a wig stand is not available, find an alternative that is similar to the roundness of a head like a ball or a bowl.
  • Wet the hairpiece or not? It is easier to trim a wet hair, so as with a hairpiece. The only disadvantage of this is that you can’t easily see the finished style of a damp hair. Better work based on your convenience. So if you want it damped, spray some water on it. Consider shampooing the hairpiece also if it is made up of natural hair.
  • Cut the hairpiece, little by little. It is easier to adjust on the hairstyle if you cut it little by little. Remember, hairpieces will never grow back. Once trimmed, it is already trimmed. Try on the hairpiece after every set of cutting. Check if the cutting is leading to the style that you want. Do the necessary adjustment in case it seems like going to be a bad hair.
  • Finishing touch for the hairpiece. Let the hair dry or use a blow dryer if it’s okay. Brush it to see the style. If you need to cut a little more, make sure that you do it little by little until you have achieved your desired style.

Even experts can make a mistake when cutting a hairpiece. Being careful should be your priority and it can successfully be trimmed to your desired hairstyle by following the steps above. But what if your hairpiece was cut so badly? Buying a new hairpiece and asking the seller to cut it to your specific style is one of your options.

Don’t consider buying a new hairpiece just yet. As long as the base of the hairpiece will not be seen, your hair can still be fixed. Maybe a professional hair stylist can remedy it.

Many salons don’t actually offer trimming services for wigs and hairpieces. But still ask them if anyone is willing to do it for you. Cutting the hairpiece is similar to cutting a real hair, anyway.

Use hair accessories also if that will remedy the damage. Hairpins, headbands, headdress, and a scarf are great ways to hide the imperfections.

You won’t go into any trouble if you were careful cutting the hairpiece. If the hair’s case can’t be remedied, well it’s time to shop for a new hairpiece. This time, be careful when you trim it or better yet, don’t cut it anymore.


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