How To Decide to Go Bald

Hair loss is hereditary. If your grandfather is bald, chances are you will go bald too. Other times baldness will skip a generation and appear in the next. Baldness can also be caused by other factors such as sickness, skin disorders and infections, hormonal deficiency. Some medicines can also cause baldness. A few years back, men with thinning hair and those who are starting to have bald patches are very sensitive about their hair condition and go to great lengths to hide their baldness by wearing hairpieces, growing their hair long and changing their hairstyle to cover the bald patches, having hair implants or wearing hats all the time. Nowadays, more men are getting their head shaved rather than show that they are going bald or having thin hair. It can be a major decision to go bald. Consider the tips below to help you decide if going bald is right for you.

  1. If you are always on the move and spending time to style your thinning hair is too time consuming for everyday hair grooming, going bald is a good option.
  2. Consult with a dermatologist if you have skin disorder that causes the hair to fall out. The baldness may be temporary and the hair will grow back healthy after treatment. The dermatologist will be able to assess the condition and advice you after a thorough analysis.
  3. Look for a trichologist and get him to check your hair condition. A trichologist is a doctor whose specialization is about hair loss such as hair breakage, scalp conditions, and all forms of baldness and alopecia. If the problem is irreversible, shaving your hair and going bald may be a better choice.
  4. Consider the shape of your head before you make the decision to shave your head. A rounded head will look better even without hair. A misshapen and flat head somehow will not look too good without hair. Take a look at some hairstyles that will help hide the bald patches or thinning hair.
  5. Talk to your friends, family and significant other. They may not like the idea of you going bald and prefer that you have some hair than no hair at all. Some women think that a shaven head looks quite sexy.
  6. Consider all the benefits that you will get when you shave your head. You will save on shampoo and other hair grooming products. You will also save on haircuts and be free from dandruff. Consider also the disadvantages of being bald. You will spend more on shaving cream. You need to protect your scalp when you are out in the sun, as it will get easily sunburned. You also give mosquitoes more areas to bite. You will feel the cold easily. You also have to shave your head more often if your hair grows rapidly.
  7. Check your hairline. If it continues to recede rapidly, your loss more hair than what is normal which is about fifty strands a day and you have used all the required treatments and preventive measures to prevent hair loss and there seems to be no effect, consider going bald as the best alternative.

Weigh the pros and cons before you make the decision to go bald. Once you have made the decision then wear a bald head with aplomb.


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