How To Decide to Go Blonde

There are several reasons why an individual would like to change the color of their hair. It can be an expression of individuality or rebellion, a way to belong to a peer group, follow the latest in hair fashion trends or maybe imitate the hair color of a favorite celebrity. People with darker hair color usually want to try to go for a lighter shade when they decide to color their hair. They want to see how they will look like with lighter hair. There are better hair coloring products now that you can use at home for an instant makeover. Younger folks usually opt for a more drastic change, and going blonde is one way to do it. Here are some tips to help you decide to go blonde.

  1. Consider the natural color of your hair. As a rule, hair color will look better if it is only three to four shades lighter than your natural hair color. For those with light brown to medium brown hair, consider getting blonde highlights than going totally blonde.
  2. Take a look at your skin tone. You either have warm or cool skin tone. A warm skin has yellow or golden undertones. One way to know if you have warm skin tone is to take a look at the veins on the inside of your arms. If the veins are tinged with green, you have a warm skin tone. Those people with blue tinged veins have cool skin tones that had pinkish and blue undertones. People with warm skin tones will look best with richer and darker hair colors. Blonde hair looks best on people with cool and pale skin tones. Women with rosy skin can go for light, baby blonde hair color.
  3. Your eye color will also help you decide. If you have blue and pale colored eyes, the different light shades of blonde will definitely suit you. Those with medium skin tone and hazel eyes will find that a darker blonde shade will look better than a lighter shade.
  4. Learn about the whole process of changing your hair color to blonde. It involves the use of several chemicals to strip your original hair color before the new color can be applied if you have dark hair. The whole process can affect your hair. It will require more care and maintenance after you have gone blonde as the chemicals have a drying effect on the hair.
  5. There are at least twelve different shades of blonde. To help you make your decision on which particular blonde shade to go for, visit a hair salon or a beauty supply shop and try on different blonde wigs.
  6. Look for a virtual makeover website that will allow you to upload your own photo. You can then try various hairstyles, hair color and make up until you are satisfied. One such website is BeautyRiot. You need to sign up to be a member for free, upload your photo and then go ahead and experiment. You can even try using celebrity hairstyles and makeup looks and play around with an array of hair colors.

Take a look at all the conditions before you decide to go blonde. It can affect your lifestyle for several months. Put some thought into it as your decision can have drastic results. It will be very harmful to your hair if you find that going blonde is not actually for you and would like to go back to your original color.


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