How To Decorate Dreadlocks

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Dreadlocks, also called dreads or locks, are a form of hairstyle that has been used since ancient Egyptian times. Although it is already considered a hairstyle, there are actually different ways on how to style or decorate your locks.

If you want to have a more exciting look for your dreads, here are some ways to do it.

  • Embellish it. Using adornments on dreadlocks is very popular. You can make use of any embellishment you want as long as your locks can hold it. If you’re using beads with a large enough hole, you can just simply insert it and thread it through your locks. If your dreads are too thin, you can try backcombing your hair after the bead so as to form a thicker dread that will serve as its lock. Or you can simply sew on the embellishment that you will use. As for smaller pieces of adornments, you can either tie them around your locks or also sew them on.
  • Wrap it. Another way to style your locks is to wrap it. Using scarves, headbands or bandannas, wrap your locks to cover your entire head or simply pull up a bundle of dreads that is covering your face. If you want to use this method in styling your dreads, make sure to use a material that has wide diameter and is long enough to wrap your locks. You can also use a material that contains Lycra in it. This is helpful in holding the shape and fit of your locks.
  • Color them. Another popular way to style your dreads is to dye them. This process is typically the same as dying normal hair. The only difference is that you should ensure that your locks are deeply soaked in the dye so that the dye will be absorbed properly by your dreadlocks. You should also ensure that your dreads are nice and saturated when you’re doing this.
  • You can also updo it. Just like normal hair, dreadlocks can be done in any updo style. You can pigtail it or ponytail it. You can also make it twisted and pinned, or roll it in buns. However, holding your dreads in an updo style may need thicker elastic bands as compared to normal hair. Others also use hair sticks, or most commonly known as chopsticks, to updo their dreads. This is easier to do with dreadlocks than with normal hair.
  • Dreadlocks can also be braided. Just as you can style your dreads into different updos, you can also braid them like normal hair. After braiding them, you can also add adornments or wrap it.
  • Go wild with it. The good thing about dreads is that you can style it in every way you like. You can go wild with it, experiment and try different unique styles. Some use wires to shape their dreads and let them stand at various angles. While others try to create a “Mohawk” look with it.

These are the methods on how you can style or decorate your dreadlocks. Remember that with dreadlocks, you can basically do whatever you like. However, keep in mind that you must always maintain your locks. Enjoy!


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