How To Depilate

Hair can be beautiful and can be an asset when found in the right place. A lot of people, however, also have hair growing in parts of the body that are better left bare. To remove unwanted hair, here are the common techniques that you can use to depilate.

  1. Razor. The simplest way of removing hair is by using razors. Razors are especially useful for facial hair, and are often used by men to remove unwanted facial hair growth. Women who have light growths of hair on top of their lips can also use razors. When using razors, make sure that you apply shaving cream to minimize nicks and cuts. Make sure that you are using sharp razors that will cut hair, and not your skin. Razor as a way of depilating can also be sued on the hair that grows in arms and legs, although other means of removing hair in the arms and legs are usually employed by women.
  2. Waxing and tweezing. There are special parts of the body that are best depilated by using tweezers or through waxing. The eyebrows, for example, are best when tweezed since tweezing will remove the hair completely, including the roots of the hair. When depilating with razors, one of the problems is that a dark hair root is often left behind. Keep in mind, however, that tweezing is only useful when shaving small parts of the body, such as the armpits. Tweezing is also useful for parts of the body that are very visible, such as the eye brows. Waxing, on the other hand, is usually done for the genitals. Waxing is done by applying a wax that will harden on the hair. A strip is applied on top of the wax, to sandwich the cream with the hair. The strip is pulled off when the wax hardens and traps the hair in it. Waxing can be painful for first timers, and should only be done by professionals.
  3. Creams. There are also creams that can be purchased over the counter. These creams work through chemicals that will dissolve the hair. Usually, the creams are placed on the skin for a few minutes. Afterwards, the cream can be washed off. The hair should go away with the cream. New formulas are advanced enough to dissolve the hair roots as well so that you get thorough hair removal.
  4. Laser. Finally, you can also consider permanent means of hair removal. At present, there are lasers that are focused on the skin. The laser will not only remove the hair but will also prevent the follicles from growing new hair. Apart from lasers, short bursts of electric currents are also sometimes used to remove hair. Electric currents are also a permanent form of hair removal. Again, only a doctor can perform the operation on you. The operations are also quite costly, but the long term benefits of permanent hair removal are usually enough to convince people to get the treatment.

You can control where hair grows in your body through the proper depilation techniques. These techniques should help you minimize unwanted hair growth easily.


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