How To Choose Tattoos for Girls of All Ages

The history of tattooing goes back to ancient times. The word originated from the Tahitian term "tatu" or "tatau." This word means a mark or strike due to the fact that decorative marks are put on the skin by piercing the skin with a needle and adding colors to create different designs. Tattoos have been a popular way to adorn oneself over the ages.

  1. Tattoos on girls. Girls love to adorn their bodies with different accessories like jewelry and other things that look beautiful. Tattoos have been one of the decorative objects that have adorned women over time. The latest designs for tattoos that are generally preferred by girls are sexy, feminine and attractive, although tastes differ from person to person.
  2. Popular body parts for tattoo location. The body parts that girls like to tattoo differ according to taste as well as work environment. Many women prefer tattoos on their lower back area or just above the tailbone. That area is very feminine and would look sexy with a tattoo peeping from beneath low-waisted jeans or a skirt. Many women also like to get tattoos on their upper arms and upper backs. These places are great to show off if you wear a sleeveless shirt or a backless or halter-necked dress. Other places where tattoos would look beautiful on a girl are wrists and ankles. The wrists and ankles look very delicate with small tattoo designs. An open-toe sandal or shoe looks great with tattooed feet. But you have to remember the kind of environment you are dealing with. If the work environment is strict, you cannot wear tattoos in places that are too obvious. The tattoos should be in places that are easily concealed.
  3. Popular tattoo designs for girls. There are lots of designs for a girl to choose from. The ones that are most frequently used are flowers and butterfly designs. Graceful animals can also be great choices for a tattoo design. Winged creatures like fairies and angels also look good on girls. However, the most preferred designs are tribal designs that have the intricate loops and curves that really make a style statement and make you stand out from the rest.

Once you get a tattoo, you must follow some safety measures to take care of it. The bandage should be kept on for the first few days. When the bandage is removed, the area should be washed with soap and water. An ointment should be applied to the tattoo with clean hands. Wear freshly washed cotton clothes for the first few weeks to avoid any kind of infection. It takes usually 3 to 4 weeks for a tattoo to heal completely.

Jameel Ahmad Sameemi

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