How To Determine Skin Tone

Applying the right makeup or color to your hair is generally dependent on your skin tone. This is what the professional stylists and cosmetic gurus base their work on and so should you. Well, that is if you are already privy to your natural skin tone. With all the various cosmetics and artificial tanning products that most people normally apply on their skin, finding out the natural skin tone of a person becomes rather tricky and challenging. Fortunately, not every part of your body is artificially masked. Here are some tips on how you can determine your natural skin tone.

  • Check the veins. Most people do not know of this trick but your skin tone can be determined by simply checking on the color and hue of your veins. To do this, simply look under your arms and check the color of the veins there. You may check the same veins on the inners side of your thighs as well. These are the body parts where your veins are most visible. Check its colors. If your veins are somewhat green, then you have a naturally warm skin tone due to the yellowish undertones that make your veins appear green. On the other hand, if the veins are more of a blue shade, then you are sporting a cooler skin tone.
  • Look in the mirror. This is the most popular way to determine a person’s natural skin tone. What you want to do here is to wash your face with facial soap and water. Pat your face dry with a towel. Now draw your hair back and tie it in a ponytail. Make sure your hair is completely pulled back at this point. Once that is done, drape a clean white towel on your shoulders. Stand or sit in front of a mirror with only white light glowing around you. The white towel should reveal your natural skin tone. If your skin is yellowish in comparison with the towel, then you are sporting a natural warm tone. If your face is somewhat bluish, then you have a naturally cool tone.
  • Base it on your jewelry. Believe it or not, but the jewelry you wear can determine your skin tone. For instance, if you are wearing a silver or platinum necklace and bracelet and the effect is rather complimentary to your skin, then your skin tone is quite cool. On the other hand, if you are wearing bright yellow gold jewelry and it all looks good on your skin, then you definitely have a warmer skin tone. It is that simple. Of course, this is only effective if your skin is clear from skin tone altering products.
  • Look at your eyes and your hair. Alright, this method may be tricky especially if you are sporting artificial hair coloring. Assuming that your hair is sporting its natural color, you can actually find out your natural skin tone by simply comparing your eye color with your natural hair color. You will have a cooler skin tone if your eyes are of the bluish, greenish, or grayish shades and your hair is black, brown, or blonde. Now if your eye color is somewhat brown to hazel in shade and your hair is of a reddish or brownish quality, then your natural skin tone is quite warm. Bear in mind that this is not an accurate method as compared with the other three mentioned previously, which means that you should supplement it with one of the other methods.

Once you determine your natural skin tone, you can now choose the right colors for your makeup or hair that will surely complement and enhance your overall look.


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