How To Develop a Signature Style

Have you ever had a friend say "that's so you" when looking at an article of clothing? If so, then you're well on your way to developing a signature style. A signature style clearly defines you and is recognizable to others. Here's how to turn your everyday look into a signature style:

  1. Think about your favorite fashions. A signature style is a particular style that is considered your personal style. Your signature style can be defined by a very particular fashion statement, such as a pair of glasses, a type of hat, a certain hairstyle, or more broadly as a type of fashion that you wear daily. Relying on a specific type of accessory is an easy way to start your own signature style. Assess your current style to get inspiration for your signature style. Developing a signature style isn't about changing your current style completely, just refining it.
  2. Narrow down your signature style. If you feel like your everyday fashion is too boring to become your signature style, look through fashion magazines or walk through the mall, trying to find ideas on a particular style that suits you well. Try on things you might not normally choose, and look for items that you believe work with your personality and lifestyle. Your look could be retro or modern, sporty or sophisticated, girlie or more unisex.
  3. Try out your new look. Try to dress for a week straight in your signature style. Are you comfortable wearing these items? Do you get any compliments about your look? If the answer to both of these is ‘no,' then you might want to continue tweaking your signature style. You can try lots of different looks before settling on a signature style. If the style you pick doesn't feel like "you," then it's not the right signature style, and you should keep looking. When you find the right signature style, it should feel like your personality expressed through clothing.
  4. Be willing to change. Just because it's your signature style doesn't mean that it can't change over time. Don't keep hanging on to a particular style just because you think others expect it from you. You will change over time, and you may latch onto new fashion trends. Don't be afraid to change your signature style.
  5. Keep it realistic. Even if it is your signature style, you can mix it up a little. Avoid dressing head-to-toe in a particular fashion every day of they year, unless you want it to look a little costume-like.

Develop a signature style to make your fashions memorable to others. This is a lot easier than it seems; you can start simply by choosing your favorite type of accessories and incorporating them into lots of different looks. Your signature look should be a fashion that defines you.


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