How To Do Airbrush Makeup

Airbrushing is now a popular way of applying makeup. There was a time when only models and stage/movie/television stars used airbrush makeup. But not anymore! Airbrush makeup is popularly used as wedding makeup and for other special events.

This makeup technique involves using liquid makeup and an airbrush gun. The liquid foundation is poured into the airbrush gun that is then sprayed onto the face. The makeup artists are transformed into painters. With a little practice, you will become a makeup painter yourself.

If you are raring to try out this exciting makeup trend, read the steps below.

  • Research on airbrush makeup online. Find out which brand of makeup airbrush system is easy to use and affordable. Although you can buy the airbrush gun normally used in painting, it may be best to purchase something specifically made for makeup application. Makeup airbrushing kits are available from several manufacturers. These kits come with an airbrush gun, air compressor, hose and several bottles of liquid airbrushing makeup. Some compressors are battery operated for portability. Check review sites for the type and brand of liquid makeup used for airbrushing as well.
  • Buy your materials. Go to your favorite wholesale store or department store and buy your airbrush makeup system. You can buy a kit or separate components. Choose the right shade of foundation for your skin tone. Don’t forget to check out liquid blush that you can use with your airbrush gun. If a sales person is on hand, ask her to demo the airbrush system for you.
  • Check the airbrush components at home. Attach the airbrush gun to the hose that should then be attached to the compressor. Plug the air compressor to your electrical outlet. Make sure it runs smoothly. The compressor should supply the right amount of air for the airbrush gun to work properly. Air should come out of the gun in a smooth, steady stream.
  • Test the airbrush gun. Have a piece of paper on hand for the test. Get one of the liquid foundations that you bought. Shake the bottle well to disperse clumps and remove any air bubbles in the bottle. Add about 5 drops of the liquid foundation into the receptacle found on the airbrush gun. Use the airbrush gun to spray the foundation on the paper by pressing the throttle button of the gun. The liquid foundation should come out in a smooth stream and not in clumps.
  • Practice applying makeup using the airbrush gun. Once you are sure that the airbrush makeup system is working as it should, it’s time to practice on your face or on a volunteer. Spray the liquid foundation in a continuous circular motion on the face by gently pressing down on the throttle of the airbrush gun. Always start with a thin coat before adding subsequent layers of foundation. Never stop on one spot for a long time. Otherwise, this can give an uneven coverage.
  • Clean your airbrush gun after use. Dismantle the airbrush makeup system by unplugging the compressor and detaching the gun from the hose. Clean the receptacle of the airbrush gun with mild soap and warm water. Dry the airbrush gun completely before storing.

Airbrush makeup has been used by stage, movie, and television performers for years. Models are often airbrushed before their photo shoot. Now you can enjoy the benefits of airbrushing by purchasing your own airbrush makeup system. Once you have your materials, practice, practice, practice until you perfect the art of airbrush makeup application. Soon you’ll look good enough for your close-up.


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