How To Do Dramatic Eye Makeup

Woman with dramatic eye makeup

Dramatic eye makeup is great for an evening out or just when you need to add that finishing touch to your ensemble for a special affair.  It can create a sultry look with just a few easy steps.  I'll outline some tips here to help you create that dramatic eye makeup effect.

Using dark colors for a smoky eye makeup look is easy and is a popular way to create a dramatic eye effect.  You can achieve the smoky look by using silver on the upper contour of the eye, dark gray on the lid and an even darker gray or black in the crease of the eye.  Then you will want to use a black eyeliner either on the upper lid only or to line the entire eye.  It is very trendy these days to outline the whole eye in black liner.  For a dramatic eye makeup effect that is retro, use a liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line only and extend the line out past your eye a little like a cat eye.  To complete the smoky eye, use a nice dark black mascara on all the lashes, or even put some false eyelashes on.

You can also create a dramatic eye with other deep colors of eye shadow.  Forest greens and gold applied in the same manner as the smoky eye can make brown, green and hazel eyes really stand out.  Instead of black eyeliner and mascara, use a deep brown for a great dramatic eye makeup affect.

A new trend over the last few years is super bright, almost neon colors for a dramatic eye.  You can use hot pinks, bright blues, neon greens and purple.  Use an eyeliner that matches to outline the whole rim of the eye or black to add a bit of the smoky effect again.  They also sell mascara that matches these shades.  This would be a great way to top off an outfit if you are going out to a club dancing!

You can also deepen the color of your eyebrow or accentuate the shape of the brow to finish off the dramatic eye makeup.  Use an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner just a shade deeper than your natural eyebrow color.   Be sure your eyebrows have a great shape to them to begin with and just fill in the whole brow paying close attention to the arch.

Now that you have basics of how to apply dramatic eye makeup you can play around with it.  Experiment with shades of eye shadow, dark eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes.  All of these are must haves for dramatic eye makeup.  A lot of women love the look of the dramatic eye and with a bit of practice you can achieve a gorgeous, sultry, dramatic eye that everyone will be envious of.


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