How To Do Makeup

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Makeup should look effortless, but in fact it takes a lot of work to make it look right. Makeup can help you achieve a flawless appearance, but it can also look like you have caked on many layers. Here’s how to apply makeup the right way:

  1. Purchase the right products. You’ll need eyeliner, eye shadows, mascara, lip gloss, concealer, and face powder. You should purchase the best brands you can afford; many drugstore quality brands have harsh chemicals that can actually make your complexion worse over time. Additionally, many makeup counters have well-trained makeup artists who can help you choose the right shades for their skin tone, which is something many women overlook. Don’t forget makeup brushes. These, too, should be the best quality you can afford.
  2. Apply concealer and powder. Concealer should be applied on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and under your eyes, as well as any other areas of blemishes. Be sure to blend it well, or you will end up with visible spots of concealer on your face. If you wish, you can also use foundation, which is meant to even out your skin tone. Powder is applied over the concealer, making your skin appear smooth and blemish free and keeping it oil-free. All three products should be carefully chosen to match your skin tone. Be sure to carefully blend, especially at your jaw line, to avoid any telltale lines.
  3. Apply blush. Use just a little blush in a natural looking shade. This should be applied on the apples of your cheeks, and blended well.
  4. Apply eye makeup. There are many ways to do this. One way is to put a thin line of eyeliner on your upper eyelid, closer to your top lashes, smudging the line slightly to get a smooth line. Then, sweep some eyeshadow over your eyelid, below the crease of your eye. Apply shadow in a lighter shade above your eye, up to your eyebrows, and then blend these two colors together. Match the colors to your skin tone and keep it relatively neutral. Bright colors or glittery shades are hard to pull off. Finally, put on a thin coat of mascara, making sure that there are no clumps. Thick coats of clumpy mascara are a sure way to ruin your look.
  5. Lip color. Either use a simple lip gloss, or lip liner with lipstick. Either way, be sure to follow the natural outlines of your lips, and use a shade that looks natural. The right shade can even make your teeth look whiter. Look for a product that has staying power, unless you want to be continuously reapplying your lip color.

Applying makeup correctly requires practice. When it is applied correctly, it can enhance your natural beauty. When done incorrectly, it will be obvious that you are wearing too much makeup. Applying makeup can be trial and error. The key is to pick shades that match your skin tone, and do not apply them heavily.


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