How To Do Simple and Cute Hairstyles

Sometimes you just need a new hairstyle to change your mood and your life. If you are looking to do some simple and cute changes to your hair, consider following these steps. Perk up with a quick, fun style.

  1. Decide upon the style to suit you. The key to a great hairstyle is that it suits the wearer. Spend some time looking at different styles and consider your face shape and your personal style when making the decision.
  2. Get a great cut. No matter what you do to style your hair if you skip this step you will be unhappy with your hair. Don't scrimp on your haircut. Go to a stylist with skill who is willing to discuss your options with you before the cut begins. Choose a cut that is simple to take care of and ask the stylist to show you different options for styling the new ‘do.
  3. Keep your hair in shape. Healthy hair is just easier to style so keep yours in top shape. Wash every other day and use a leave in conditioner during dry months.
  4. Blow dry with a diffuser. After washing your hair, use a diffuser to blow dry. If you want extra body for your simple style, then turn your head upside down and blow dry underneath first. When you flip your head back over you will have volume and added style.
  5. Consider accessorizing. The simplest way to update to a cute style is with accessories. Pull your hair up into a cute ponytail to look younger and fresher. Use a simple elastic band and place the ponytail in the center of the back of your head. Or try a simple chignon by gathering a ponytail at the top of your neck, so that it hangs low and sophisticated. Barrettes are another way to create a simple style. Pull the hair back on one or both sides and secure it with a stylish barrette. Options include bright, candy colors if you are going for a cute style or more sophisticated jewel tones, rhinestones and butterfly shapes if you need to dress up the style. Spend some time with simple accessories and you can change a hairstyle.
  6. Follow the natural shape when using accessories. Don't try to style your hair against the cut or against your facial structure. Instead when using either a head band or barrettes, place them so that they pull your hair away from your face on the natural line of the hair. A thin headband is a great way to add some simple style to your look. As an added bonus it pulls the hair away from your face and lets your own personality show.
  7. Experiment with the simple. Whenever you are looking to change your look, remember that simpler is best. Have layers cut into your hair for a wash and go style. Or consider getting bangs for some variety. Try shifting the part in your hair so it hangs to one side or falls straight back away from your face. Have fun by spending a Saturday night with your girlfriends and trying out new looks.

With a great cut and some simple style tools you can create cute hairstyles to suit whatever mood you want. Don't overuse available products or spend hours teasing and styling your hair. Instead, choose a simple cut that can be styled with a blow dryer and flat brush.


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