How To Do Temporary Dreads

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If you want to try dreadlocks in your hair but are unsure if it will suit you or not, do not worry. You can do temporary dreads instead of permanent locks. It is a bit tedious to do but very easy. Read on to learn more about how to do temporary dreads.

  1. Before you start twisting your hair around, it is very important that you wash it very thoroughly. Completely wet your hair (preferably with warm water). Get your favorite shampoo and apply it to your hair by massaging from its roots to tips until you have a thick bubbly lather. Continue doing this for 2 minutes. Rinse it well. Wring the excess water from your hair and get your conditioner. Put a coin sized drop on the palm of your hand and apply it to you hair starting from the roots to the tips. Massage it gently but thoroughly until the conditioner is completely incorporated in your hair. Leave it for five minutes. Rinse well. Dry it by wrapping your head with a clean towel. Do not dry it using your good old hair dryer. Naturally dry it.
  2. As soon as your hair is totally dry, start dividing your hair into sections using the tail of your comb (rat-tail comb). Just make sure that each portion should be no more than one inch square. The number of sections really depends on the thickness of your hair. It would be very helpful if you have a close friend or a loved one that is willing to help you in doing temporary dreadlocks.
  3. Begin with the part of your hair that is closest to your face and neck. Get a non-greasy hair gel or a really strong hair spray. Take a section of your hair and lightly put gel or hair spray to it. Your starting point should be at least two to three inches of hair from your roots. Gently but firmly twist each section really tight. The hair spray or gel that you put should hold the twists in place. Every after lock, put a gel or hair spray to further secure it. Do this step repeatedly to the rest of your hair.
  4. When you are done with all the hair twisting, get a straightening iron. Iron each lock by the inch for a few seconds. This is especially crucial for all individuals who have fine and soft hair. However, if you have thick hair, you might not need to use straightening iron. Lightly rub a mild conditioner on your scalp after you have created your very own temporary dread locks. This is so to ensure that your hair will stay shiny and healthy in the next forty-eight hours. To remove it, just wash your hair thoroughly by following the instructions given in step number one.

See how easy it is to create wonderfully dreads! It does not even look temporary. Just follow these steps to have a whole new look. Good luck and have fun twisting!


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