How To Do Your Own Glue-in Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are very popular today. They can change your look without the need for cutting your hair or waiting for your hair to grow to the desired length, which can be painstakingly slow as hair only grows about half an inch every month. Hair extensions can thicken thin hair and can add glamor and pizzazz to a temporary hairstyle. It is very effective when you need a new hairstyle for a special occasion and your current hair length is not suitable for the special hairstyle that you have chosen, such as an upswept hairstyle or a princess hairstyle for a wedding, a special formal dinner function, for a debut or the prom. Glue-in hair extensions are quite easy to do with some patience and maneuvering. Here are some tips.

  1. Choose a color that closely matches your own hair color. Choose human hair that has the same texture and condition as your own hair. Determine the length you will need so that you can find the right one rather than having to cut and trim the hair extensions. Human hair extensions can be dyed and curled and styled as your own hair.
  2. The glue-in hair extensions are sewn together at the roots or tracks. Determine where you want to add the extensions. It is best if you cut the tracks in smaller sections to make them appear more natural when you glue them into your own hair.
  3. Divide your hair into upper and lower sections. The upper section should be around three inches above your ears. The upper section of your hair should cover the glued-in tracks. Keep the upper sections with hair ties and bobby pins.
  4. Observe how the hair grows on the sides and the back and how the hair falls. Begin at the side of your head so that you can easily see what you are doing. Use a large mirror and good lighting to be able to see well. You will need about four tracks per side. Cut the tracks about eight millimeters wide. Grab a small section of hair right under where you divided the hair into two sections. The section of hair should be about one centimeter thick or less. Use a fine-toothed comb to make it smooth. Make sure that there are no strays.
  5. Hold the section of hair with one hand, less that an inch away from your scalp. Dip the track end in glue and ensure that all the hair is covered with it. Place one end of the track near your fingers holding the section of hair. Press the other end of the track along the hair shaft toward the scalp and press it in place. Hold the hair up for a bit for the glue to set and let it fall.
  6. Place the next track below the first one but it should not be place in a straight line. Make a new small section slightly away from the first track and repeat the process. Attach two more and repeat on the other side.
  7. It can be tiring to place the glue-in hair extension onto the back of your head. It will be best if you can ask a someone else to place them for you. If there is no one that you can ask, then by all means do it yourself. Just take your time and exercise a lot of patience. Divide the remaining track into several smaller sections that will be slightly wider than the ones that you used on the sides. You should attach these randomly but make sure that it is evenly distributed on the back of your head.
  8. Repeat the same process that you did when you glue-in the hair extension to the sides of your head. Make sure that the sections are combed smoothly and there are no strays so that you can comb your hair easier after adding the extension. Strays will make combing difficult and can be painful when caught between the comb teeth.

Glue-in hair extensions can stay on your head for two days. Parts of it will come off when you wash your hair. Make sure that for each track all the hair will be covered with glue to prevent a falling hair effect. Marvel at your handiwork. With enough practice you have make the glue-in hair extensions look better and fall more naturally.


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