How To Double Strand Twist Your Hair

Double strand twist is a popular hairstyle donned by both men and women, especially with the wavy type of hair. While it is ideal for wavy hair, it can be done virtually on any type and length of hair. Hence whether your mane is long, short, straight, or curly, you can wear a double strand twist and experiment on several variations you can do with it. Done and maintained properly, you can enjoy the hairstyle for days without unraveling the strands.

  1. Shampoo and condition for a more manageable hair. While your hair is still wet or damp, it is easier to style your hair into a double strand twist although you can still do it on a dry hair.
  2. Prepare your styling essentials. A comb, preferably a rat-tail comb, a leave-in conditioner, gel, or oil, and hair clips or elastic bands.
  3. Part a section of hair to be twisted using your fingers or a rat-tail comb. How large you want the twists to be is up to you. You will have thicker double strands for larger sections, and thinner double strands for smaller sections. You can also part your hair in random patterns.
  4. Mist the parted section with leave-in conditioner. Others prefer a little oil or a small amount of gel especially if the hair is dry.
  5. Using your fingers, divide the sectioned hair into two equal patches and twist them together using a left over right pattern. Continue down until the end is reached. Twist the hair as close to the scalp to capture shorter hairs. Secure the ends of the double strands using a hair clips or elastic bands.
  6. Repeat the previous step until you have finished twisting the rest of the hair. Comb through each section of hair prior to twisting it in order to create smoother and shinier twists.
  7. Let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer. Once completely dry, you may remove the clips or elastic bands.

Your double strand twist will last a few days even up to eight weeks depending on the pattern and texture of your hair. It will remain solid and will not unravel even if you shampoo your hair. The good thing about this style is that you can still wash and condition your hair without untangling the strands. If your type of hair has the tendency to unravel, braid the ends of the hair. Every after wash, apply a moisturizer to keep the sheen of your hair but do not reapply gel. However, it is best to cover your hair with a bonnet or scarf while you sleep to manage the twists easier. You can still don another style even when you are already wearing a double strand twist. To reinvent the look, you may twist or fasten them together, braid them, lock them in ponytails, wear an upswept style, or whatever style you choose depending on the length of your hair.


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