How To Draw a Lotus Flower Around Ohm Design with Henna

The ohm and the lotus flower are among the most popular designs when it comes to henna tattooing. With the meaning of both these designs, it is not questionable anymore why more and more people are choosing the lotus and the ohm these days. However, it is simply hard to decide which the better option is between the two. If you cannot make a decision, why not combine them in one henna tattoo design?

A lotus flower that is drawn around an ohm design is getting the interest of a lot of people. In fact, the sight of these two designs combined together brings out a great effect. So if you want to do this design for yourself, follow these easy steps:

  • Find a good spot in your body. Define where you want to tattoo the ohm and lotus design on your body. The perfect part of your body is any of your hands. If you are doing the tattoo yourself, it is best to pick a body part that will be easier for your drawing hand to reach. For instance, if your prominent hand is the right, pick your left hand to accommodate the henna tattoo.
  • Work on the ohm design. Start by drawing a circle at the middle of the back of your hand. Then, draw the ohm. The ohm is a Sanskrit that refers to the sound the universe produces and it also refers to the chant of the people doing yoga. Make the circle slightly thicker. You can even the circle out as you go on with the designing.
  • Draw each petal of the flower. Squeeze a generous dot of henna near the circle and then pull the ink out to make the shape of the lotus petal. To give you a hint, the lotus petal is much like the shape of Hershey kisses or simply, a tear. Draw several petals around the ohm until such time that the outside of the circle is already covered with petals.
  • Do another layer of the petals. Check the spaces in between the petals lined up around the ohm circle. Draw a petal in between these spaces. Take note that you can do as many layers of petals for the lotus as long as there is still a space on the hand. However, layering two petals is the ideal lotus design.
  • Draw the tips of the lotus. To draw lotus petals that are more or less hidden behind the whole flower, draw a peak in between the final spaces of the last layer of the petals.

The lotus flower design around an ohm is truly a great henna tattoo that you can get. So why spend money into going to a henna tattoo artist for designing this great art for you? Now that you know how to do this henna tattoo design yourself, you can have this design on your skin as often as you want and wherever on your body you want it. Plus, you can even surprise your friends and family members by doing this design yourself on the body part they wish to have it.


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