How To Draw a Rose Tattoo

There can be many styles and designs that you can choose for your tattoo. One of the most common is a rose. You can embed your name into the stem of the flower, have it with thorns, or simply put out the gentle accent of this flower for your tattoo. No matter how you want it to look, knowing how to draw a rose is a great way to start your tattoo experience!

The following are the easy to follow steps in drawing a rose tattoo. The art may look complicated, but with these steps, you’ll find the simplicity of the art:

  1. Determine the size of how you want your rose tattoo to be by drawing a circle at the center of the drawing area. This will form the boundary of your rose. You can decide on any size depending upon where you want those tattoos to be located.
  2. Draw flaps around the circumference of the circle like some kiddish sun. Make the sizes of flaps unequal but make sure to follow the circumferential pattern. Make the ends of the kiddish sun meet.
  3. Sketch the guidelines for the leaves. These can be drawn in the same manner as drawing the petals but only to limited repetitions. Now you will have a flat drawing of the rose.
  4. Go on the details. Start trimming the lines of the rose petals. They should be stout in the center of the circle while thinning out to its ends. They will look like a starfish.
  5. Draw the stamens at the center of the petals. For fuller petals, add a dimple in each petal.
  6. Draw the connecting leaves. Make the leaves appear from under the petals.
  7. Put some color or additional accents such as tribal designs, a ribbon, a name, or a tag. Adding a tribal pattern will break the softness and roundness of the rose design. Draw the razors in three parts while evenly distributing them around the circumference of the flower.
  8. Erase the guidelines which you have formerly drawn and add some color or shading. However, if you choose the tribal design, you will have to make it in only in white and black tones. If you want to put colors on it, make use of the color wheel when deciding which colors to put on your rose.

And there you have it, your fabulous rose tattoo! Have this awesome experience of henna or some temporary tattoos in tattoo parlors with your rose design!

There have been numerous patterns made through a rose, but there will always be a way to make it personal and unique. As what have been mentioned earlier, you can make a ribbon flowing down at the bottom of the rose and contain your name or your loved one’s name on it. It will not only make an excellent design, but will also be a simple way to convey your love or fondness to someone. Just imagine how you might feel upon seeing your name in someone’s rose tattoo.


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