How To Draw Bodies in Fashion Illustrations

Bodies in fashion illustrations are styled to exude elegance. The body, arms, and legs are drawn longer than the usual portrayal of the human body to give emphasis on clothes and accessories. The body’s posture and position are also put into consideration, as they are relevant in showcasing the accents of an ensemble. To learn how to create bodies designed for use in fashion illustrations, read the following steps below.

  • Look at fashion magazines. Before learning how to actually draw a body, get a feel first of the posture and body position of models in fashion magazines. This will give you a general idea on how to draw the body and what works and what does not in presenting clothes and accessories. Also, observe the colors and styles worn in fashion magazines. If you can, get hold of the designers’ names and look at their other works. Their works can be a good source of inspiration for future patterns so it would be a good idea to keep pictures of some of their designs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the human body. You don’t need to have a thorough understanding of the human body’s anatomy to familiarize yourself with it. Knowing how the head, arms, and legs fall onto the body at various positions is enough. You can read books and magazines to get information on this. You can also search the Internet for reading materials concerning the form of the human body. Some sources on the Internet even offer downloadable basic body patterns for use in fashion illustrations.
  • Prepare the materials. The things that you’ll need in drawing the body are pencils, tracing papers, carbon papers, and a sketch pad. Use a B or 2B pencil for sketching the body and 4B for fine tuning it. You will only use tracing paper and carbon paper when using a body template. The sketch pad is where you’ll draw the body.
  • Sketch the body. After preparing the materials, you can now start sketching the body. You can either opt to draw the body yourself, or use a body template. If you’re drawing a body from scratch, draw a vertical line on your sketch pad. This will serve as the body’s center. Next, sketch the head, arms, and legs. Take note of their proportions to one another. Elongate the arms and legs to make them appear slimmer. If you want to draw a body by using a body template, put a tracing paper on top of the template to trace it. When done, transfer the traced figure to your sketch pad by putting a carbon paper in between the sketch pad and the tracing paper and retracing the figure.
  • Add details and attire. The last stage of drawing a body in fashion illustrations is adding details to the body. This includes dressing and accessorizing the body you’ve drawn in the style you’ve conceptualized. The designs you’ve collected from magazines may come in handy at this stage.

Don’t spend too much time fine tuning the body you’ve sketched. Remember that the body’s purpose is simply to hold the dress and accessories together. The main focus is the ensemble, not the body.


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